Lisen Bengtsson

Lisen Bengtsson


I first met Dain Heer in april 2009. I was in a place in my life where things were going downhill with my business & money, the more I was dedicating my time and energy to things I really enjoyed doing, there seem to be less money coming into my company… it just did not make any sense.
I had been dealing with art and antiques before and generated a lot of money, to the family business. And as I was leaving that behind me, things just didn´t work the way I thought they would.
I thought I was asking many questions and looking at what I was doing, trying to figure out how to do it right and at last getting frustrated at my situation. I demanded a change, knowing there is something to CHANGE and that change has to be within ME!

During that time I received an invitation from Facebook to a class with Dain Heer ”Right Body for You”. I had never heard about him before. When I read the invitation my body was so clear, screaming at me: Lisen go there!!!!! During 2 weeks I struggled if I should go or let the lack of money stop me. Somehow I knew I had to be there…. It was very uncomfortable at that time to choose something that costs me money that I felt I didn´t have. Should I be reasonable and think about my rent or go for it!
Well, I think you can guess what I chose...

Meeting Dain was so much fun: he is kind, funny, alive, handsome, full of sexualness and so caring to gift you everything you are asking for! It was such an inspiration to meet him. I felt alive for the very first time for a long time….in a totally different way. Finally somebody could see me, see what is going on in my life.

First time I heard the clearing statement I was so curious, I could see how the energies in peoples´ bodies shiftet, was like things were flying away from them…. Wow this looks like fun and so much more ease than any other technique I have used before. I had been working with bodies, energies, healing, NLP, energetic coaching, Feng Shui, and lots of other things. So for me it was natural to see, sense energies and it blew my mind what he was doing. My whole being was screaming: MORE!!!!! MORE!!!!!! ... and please more NOW!

During the 1 day body class we did so many different things…. Cleared so many different areas in our lives, we even did a body treatment called MTVSS on each other. Wow… it was one day and it felt like days….and years of change.

And I was lucky to also have a private session with Dain Heer (the first of many…) in Malmö. And you might not be surprised what I asked for…. change with MONEY! I was more or less desperate.

This session changed a lot! I received so much awareness where I was stuck, what I had chosen, how many point of views I had that I was using to stop me. How I was destroying my life, more on the deathroad than living. This session was like a marathon… and Dain & I cleared lots of past life things that came up. It was like a TV screen infront of us, so clear and he only had to point at the energy and we saw both what was going on. Sometimes I could put words and sometimes I couldn´t see it at all… too many clouds infront of me. Shit, there was loads of shit in my life. This was just the beginning...

After that session my life was not the same… I felt alive, felt like I had left a life behind me so I could finally be me, create, desire things in my life. Felt free to choose.

Very soon after that I attended my first Bars class things changed even more. Without ”doing” anything, just by receiving bars and being willing to receive, different companies called me to offer me projects, from the weirdest places ever. Even companies I had decided I did not want to work with anymore, called and offer me to for example to organize a charity auction. At that time I had just left the world of auctionhouses (art & antique). I had been working there as a consultant. It was so much fun to let go of my point of views and begin to receive! I really had no clue what receiving is. I thought I did.

It was so cool and I was using all the tools I received during the class with Dain: what else is possible? The mantra of Access: All of live comes to me with ease, joy and glory. Who does that belong to? How does it get even better than this? Some of what we received during the 1 day class... If you have ever been to a 1 day class with Dain, he can give you so many tools, it's a gift beyond what you can imagine.

The months after that I went to every class I could go to… I did 4 Bars classes and became a Bars facilitator as soon as possible. At that time there was practically no facilitators in Sweden. I attended Foundation & Level 1 and then also hosted the next one in Sweden and was so grateful that I was generating money…so I could choose the next class!!!!

I also made it possible to go to London and join a 2 day MONEY class with Gary & Dain. It was incredible, I was creating. I asked my friends if they were willing to sponsor me to go and they would in return receive coaching sessions and I would of course give them all the information from the class. There were 2 beautiful woman that I am so grateful for, their generosity is a gift to this world! Thank YOU!

I went and the weekend was incredible. Very uncomfortable to face all my point of views that were between me and what I was asking for. Both Gary and Dain were incredible, so spot on. I think they had a lot of fun. I asked a lot of questions and I had many reactions…. The class was more about sex & money than just money. These areas are so linked together. I got so aware of how much I was not receiving and how much I was shutting out of my life….what would it take to change that?
What did I do next?

Every class I could go to. Dain first telecall about money…and during the first 8 months I attended Level 2&3 with Dain in Stockholm, Costa Rica 7 days event, and then to Australia: Level 2&3 with Gary, Beyonds, Facilitators with Dain & Gary and also Right Relationship Facilitators training….I am sure I forgot something. Did I mention that I also attended 3 Foundation & Level 1 classes before becoming a Facilitator? I’’’ was going to to facilitate the classes, so I wanted to know more and more and more….I am one of those, I take it all!

In the first 4 months I created so much change with money. I decided to create a certain amount of money and I did! Wow, that was so cool and I experienced I could and then I didn´t really keep on asking and what happened…upss….less money. Well, money is not the most important thing for me. And then I began to ask again and also to generate…so it can keep on generating….

Dain asked me one thing that changed a lot for me. I had been on a spiritual path and somehow had a nice point of view….not needing so much money.(not the smartest point of view to have)
So he asked me if I have a desire to change the world, to contribute to it?
YES!!!!! So, will it be easier to change the world with MORE OF LESS money?

….well….that was like a wake up call. MORE MONEY OF COURSE. Thank you Dain for that question…!

Since the I meet Dain I have been facilitating classes, having private sessions and hosting classes for Dain & Gary. FULL time! Working in companies with leadership trainings and in schools:-))

The first 2,5 years I facilitated most classes together with Jonas Svensson and we also had a love relationship. Lived and worked together 24/7.

Our relationship was intense, an adventure and we facilitated each other to choose more, choose differently, generate something none of us knew was possible. I am so grateful for him, for the contribution he has been and still is being in my life. We now also have a company together.
So I am now an owner of 2 companies, generate a total different life. A life with money, with lots of fun. Most of my day I am creating and generating and it's a lot of fun.

Jonas & I have been working a lot in Denmark and in the south of Sweden (where we also live, in Helsingborg). When we began to have classes in Denmark almost nobody knew what Access Consciousness was. We kept on going there, promoting new stuff, classes, bars swop evenings and lots of things and asking questions to connect with people and contribute to more consciousness there….and now Denmark is expanding beyond what we thought was possible…We are willing to go anywhere to contribute to consciousness, create a change and contribute with all the tools of consciousness. I can speak for both of us that we are so grateful that we have been hosting classes.

Having Dain Heer coming to Helsingborg, Malmö & Copenhagen has created so much change for people. It is so beautiful to see, experience change in people. And it has been so great to be able to ”follow” adults, teenagers and kids change, choose, use the tools of Access these 3 years. So grateful for all of YOU! Such a contribution to me!!!!

Now I am facilitating classes in different countries, and I receive many requests if I can come to different places and I am so grateful. If I can I go… It´s really a gift and so beautiful to experience and see people change and choose to be them.

During my childhoods I was fortunate to grow up in Sweden, then in Argentina and after that Germany, Denmark and Sweden again. So I learned a lot of languages and speak fluently English, German, Swedish and understand very well Danish and Spanish. So happy that I can facilitate in different languages.

Growing up with parents being antique dealers I received a lot of awareness and knowledge about business, dealing, creating money, cash, gold, diamonds and so much more….:-) and always looking for more, to become more aware of what is possible.

So I really enjoy facilitating Business and Money classes…if you join one, it might open up to a new reality with MONEY!

I perceive that EUROPE is growing, expanding and so much more is possible NOW!
What classes would you like to have in your country, in your city? If you would like to have classes nearby, you can contact me. I would love to contribute for more classes to be created in Europé and there are so many facilitators willing to travel. If I can not come, I will help you find somebody that will.

And always go with what feels light for you, choose a facilitator where you where you perceive your life will expand, feels light…

During the last months I have been working more and more with hosting classes for Dain Heer And Gary Douglas and will be co-hosting more classes in Europe. I am so happy for that and what would it take for countries in Europe to interact, connect and create something different? What would it take to create more consciousness?

My life has changed so much and I am so grateful for Dain Heer and Gary Douglas. They are so caring, patient, being in allowance and always willing to gift me the change I ask for. That means been willing to facilitate me when I have asked for it. They have always been there for me when I have been through rough times and changes. They have also shown me what caring and nurturing really is…. They are willing to be so different, being them and empowering people to know that they know. They don´t try to help you feel a little better, fluffy and happy. I have tried that before. Now change is for real and I can choose it myself. Being aware is so much more fun and I can create my life… being the leader in my life.

**** Together with 6 other Certified Facilitators we are creating
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Classes I enjoy facilitating:

2,5 day classes for Right Voice For You classes

* Access Bars
* Foundation & Level1
* Conscious Leadership (mostly in the corporate world)
* Money & Business
* Conscious Relationship
* X-Men class
* Energetic FaceLifting class
* Right Voice for You…
* Having fun in relationship
* Classes about your relationship with your body
and I have had so many evening classes… ask me questions…what would you like?


Shows in English, Swedish & German



I am so happy to be me now, enjoy creating & generating my life, my business and expanding beyond what I thought was possible. It is magical to be in the world NOW and wow…full of gratitude to everybody in my life, to everybody contributing to consciousness. And So MUCH gratitude to Gary Douglas & Dain Heer, what a gift they are to the world! What else is possible?

Lisen Bengtsson
Access Facilitator & Access Organizer
Access Bars, Foundation & Level 1
Access Bodyprocess Facilitator
Right Voice for You Facilitator
Certified Coach

+46 708 39 39 97
Skypename: lisen.bengtsson

All of life comes to us with ease, joy and glory!


Lisen är väldigt företagsam och brinner för människors personliga utveckling och ledarskap. Lisen har en multikulturell bakgrund (Argentina, Tyskland, Danmark) vilket har bidragit till en unik förståelse för människors olikheter, präglingar och behov.

Hennes långa erfarenhet från antikvitetsbranschen och försäljning i flera olika länder har gett henne ett unikt och annorlunda sätt att se på och att skapa business. Förutom det har hon arbetat både som personlig tränare, tolk och meditationslärare. Detta i kombination med hennes sprudlande glädje och tydliga ledarskap skapar en dynamisk plattform för förändringar på alla plan.

Lisen har också många utbildningar och mångårig erfarenhet av personlig utveckling. Förutom coachingutbildningar inom NLP, Energicoach, Kommunikativt Ledarskap och Access Consciousness, så har hon också utbildningar inom Ayurveda, Feng Shui och Meditation."

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