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Ever been asked the question, “Who are you?” Ever tried to answer it? Figure out who you are? Or who you are supposed to be? 

In creating my business and this website, I have discovered that “About Me” is the first thing people look for when they are looking at someone’s page. So here I sit, attempting to let my readers know, who and what I am. 


I can tell you that I grew up in the Midwest, that I have been married and divorced twice, that I have three sons whom I adore. I can elaborate on the gentleman in my life, my most enjoyable other, and the fun, ease-filled communion we share. I can tell you about my career and that I have managed teams and directed companies. I can talk about my philosophy of life, except I no longer really have one other than your choice is one of the greatest things you have and it is your choice that creates. I could list the awards I have received, the recognition I have been given, the stats of growth and success from the companies I have contributed to throughout the years. I could tell you my story. 


And… as I ponder all of that I wonder… does any of that really matter? To you? To me? To anyone? Is that all life is? A measuring of success based on the opinions of others? A judging of value based on accomplishments or the lack thereof? And if it does matter, should it? 


Being the break-the-mold kind of girl that I am, I am turning my about me page to “About You.” What do YOU know? What do YOU desire? What gifts and capacities do you have that perhaps no one, not even you have acknowledged? What sustains you from the inside out when things seem to be falling apart around? What makes you come alive and filled with vivacious, life-giving energy? Who are YOU? Not based on definitions and expectations. Not based on another’s reflection. Based on your very being. And what would change for you, for the people you love and for the world if you let you out and set you free?


I do so wonder.


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“What would it take for you to realize how crucial you are to the possibilities of the world?”

- Gary Douglas