Sayler Shiningstar

Sayler Shiningstar

Sayler Shiningstar

Hi! My name is Sayler (pronounced say-ler) Shiningstar. Thanks for dropping by.


Are you a seeker? Are you looking for something that will really change your life, your perceptions, your joy, your money, and your reality? What if you just found this page, person, and tools, to get you out of mediocrity and into BEing the magic and phenomanace you truly are? If your answer is no, or this can't be true, or I choose to do it later, then you certainly don't want to be here! Because this WILL change your life! If your answer is no, then read no further. If your body is feeling lighter and/or you're a “HELL YES!”, then keep reading.


I grew up magical, with a family that didn't relate. They always said it was my imagination, and I learned not to trust others with what I saw and learned. Being an exuberant, energetic, and joyous bundle of laughter, was not allowed either, it was squashed! On the other hand, my relationship with animals was said to be a gift, nurtured, and encouraged. For this I am grateful! I am actually grateful for all of this, and more, because it brought me to an awareness. The awareness of choice and of choosing something different in my life. Choosing for me! Are you choosing for you!?! It can be light and fun!


Before Access Consciousness and The Bars, I had been on a life long path to change, feel and make a difference in my life and the world. There have been times when I thought I had reached that, and was. However, those were short trips. I learned and used a dozen various modalities of energy and body healing techniques. I even taught several of the techniques. I experienced several chiropractic techniques, all of which helped. And my mind was always busy. Busy with the shoulds, shouldn'ts, woulda, coulda, why didn't ya, you won't ever...the messages of, "I simply wasn't good enough, never would be, and had absolutely no choice in the matter". Nor would I ever have or make the money I would like to to be able to travel...

Then came Access Consciousness.


When I was first introduced to Access Consciousness I learned several Access questions and statements that changed my life profoundly! I used these for 3 days, like mantras, repeating them whenever I thought about them. Sometime during the 3rd day, I became aware that I was in silence. For the first time I could remember I had silence between my ears! OMGosh! That was 6 years ago. How does it get any better than this?®


Now I facilitate Access Bars classes, offer sessions to clients, get my Bars run weekly and run my own Bars regularly. Running Bars expands my spaciousness with "presence". I love experiencing spaciousness, instead of spaciness! What else is possible?®  AND I now offer Access Facelift, Access Body Processes and Happy Mouth Energetic Dentistry.


My clients love having their Bars run, and the verbal and body processes. I continually hear about how free and light they feel, better sleep, lessening or release of pain, changing their body image, shifting thoughts around money and experiencing greater ease in receiving, and living as the vibrant flow of colorful and infinite possibilities. How does it get any better than this?®


I travel and teach Access Bars, facilitate Infinite Possibilities With Horses sessions and classes, and host Access facilitators in North Carolina and Texas.  Contact me if you would like to host me in your area or be hosted in NC!


If it feels light for you to choose more joy, magic, and infinite possibilities in your life, let's chat!


In gratitude!


Sayler Shiningstar

All of life comes to me with ease and joy and glory!"®






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“All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory!"”

- Gary M Douglas