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Your Public Profile is a potent, online business-building tool that connects 'seekers' with you and your classes and events. Your profile will be accessible to hundreds-of-thousands of visitors from all over the world. Find out more below!

Kurulum Ücreti

Payment Frequency


  • Attended one Access Bars® Class
  • Reveiw and sign Access Consciousness' Data Protection Agreement.

If this is your first Public Profile, a one-time setup fee applies. 


  • your own web page on this site
  • your photograph and personal message
  • Facilitator Tools
    • create, edit and publish your classes
    • visitors can find your class in the Class Calendar
    • your classes automatically list in your profile
    • receive email notification of registrations to your classes
    • class management
  • a personal contact form
  • YouTube video display
  • links to your website and social media
  • more ...

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