Right Body for You™ was created by Access Consciousness® Founder Gary Douglas almost 15 years ago. As Gary facilitated the Access Consciousness classes he began to notice that there was a symbiotic relationship between people’s lives and their bodies. “I began to notice that when people changed how they feel about their bodies their lives changed and when people changed how they feel about their lives their bodies changed.” With that, Right Body for You was born.    

Years ago when Right Body for You was first created, talking about bodies as a possibility was almost taboo. Sure, we could talk about what was wrong and sick with our bodies but talk about liking your body or enjoying your body and you were judged. Gary started with the concept of “What if all the talk about what was WRONG with our bodies was actually creating and enforcing exactly what we were talking about… the constant wrongness of our bodies? If we change the conversation, can we change our bodies? Gary dared to ask, “What if having a body isn’t a problem?