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Your Guide to Joining Us in Istanbul, Türkiye



Istanbul has 2 airports:

On the European side of the city, Istanbul Airport (IHL)

On the Asian side of the city, Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW)

Istanbul Airport Information:

Taxis: exit the airport through gates 9 and 13.

Public Transport or private vehicle: 
Use the elevators before or after the exit gates to access Floor 2.

Exit through Gate 9 or 13 and follow the red direction signs to access the Metro Station. You can use the moving walkways opposite Gate 11 to access the station.

Car Rentals 
Car Rental Companies are located on the Arrivals Level of the airport.

Sabiha Gokcen Airport Information:


You can find taxis outside of the arrival gate 9.

Payment for taxi or shuttle is in Turkish Lira (TRY ₺)
Some taxis have credit card payment option. 
Private transfer companies accept EUR and USD cash.

Approximate Costs (subject to change)
Yellow taxis 20€, Blue taxis 25€, Black taxis 35€
VIP transfer 40€
Private Van up to 4 people 80€.

Havabus Shuttles:
Havabus shuttles to Kadikoy 3€ and then taxi from Kadikoy to Kalamis 4€.
Havabus shuttles schedule 

The official currency is the Turkish Lira ( TRY ₺ )

Euros and Dollars are generally not accepted.

Check current exchange rates at Xe Currency Exchange currency converter.

ATMs are available and credit cards are widely accepted. Credit cards with “plus” option allow cash withdrawal.

*For ease of payment, please let your credit card companies know where and when you will be traveling.




Summer in Turkey is hot and humid.  Expect sunny days with little rain. 

Daytime highs are around 28°C (82.4°F) and may feel like 35°C ( 95°F) with humidity. Things get much cooler overnight, with the average nightime temps dropping to 17°C (62.6°F). 

Average water temperature is 24.8°C (76.6°F)

Check the latest weather forecast here

What to Bring:
  • Light summer clothing, layering pieces
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses, sun hat, swimsuit 
  • A wrap or light sweater for evenings and in class
  • Comfortable shoes for exploring or shopping.
  • If visiting mosques or holy sites come prepared with a long skirt. Many  historical sites will require women to be dressed conservatively, meaning knees and shoulders will need to be covered
  • Universal power adaptor. Türkiye operates on 220 volts (50 Hz) with round-prong European-style plugs.


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Wyndham Grand Istanbul Kalamis Marina Hotel
Fener Kalamış Caddesi 38,
Istanbul, Türkiye 34726


Wyndham Grand Istanbul Kalamis Marina Hotel website



Wyndham Grand Istanbul Kalamis Marina Hotel

Fener Kalamış Caddesi 38,
Istanbul, Türkiye 34726


About Istanbul

Istanbul is city where cultures collide as many cultures have added their mark over the centuries. 
An amazing city not only for its history but also for its rich food culture, and a modern center of fashion and shopping.

Discover Istanbul 

Istanbul Food & Drink - traditional, seafood, street food, taverns and more

Shopping - from Bazzars and Markets to Luxury


About Kalamiş

Kalamış is one of the most pleasant neighborhoods in Istanbul, it’s an upscale area located in the Kadıköy district on the Asian side.
Kalamış is a neighborhood within the larger Fenerbahçe area.
It’s known for two marinas that collectively make up the biggest marina in Turkey. They have a combined capacity of over 1,100 boats.

When you are in the Asian side of the city, make sure you visit Bagdat Street, ranks 4th Best Shopping Street in the World!

Bagdat Street Stores

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There are many cafe and restaurant options in the area:

Wyndham Grand Istanbul Kalamış Marina Hotel Dining options

Todori Tavern - meze, grilled meat, seafood 
Saca Marine -  Seafood Restaurant

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