Hoda Uyum

Hoda Uyum

Hoda will be the first person to admit that she has walked through the dark night of the soul for many years.  Despondent and despairing and with nowhere else to turn, one day she discovered Access Bars.  It was a revelation, a miracle, and was the point when her mental health and quality of life finally and permanently transformed. For the first time in 30 years, Hoda had tasted the “thought-free” state.  In this revelatory moment, Hoda promised herself that she would make it her mission to help anyone, who had, just like her, suffered distress and was desperate for a way out of their torment and despair. 

Everyone has the right to feel good.

Hoda believes passionately that everyone has the right to feel good, to feel free from constant worry and depression weighing them down, preventing them from leading their best life. Hoda knows that our minds have to be free from the darkness of self-doubt and insecurity, of low moods and insomnia to allow us to enjoy life to the full, free to enjoy and make the most of all that it has to offer.  

As Hoda says Access Bars is the gateway to infinite possibility.

“Access Bars will suit anybody who wants more joy and peace and fulfillment in their life. Just imagine for a moment that someone could click a switch and silence forever, that voice in your head that keeps telling you that can’t achieve what you want to achieve, that you are simply not good enough?  That would be wonderful, wouldn’t it?  That would be Access Bars!



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“Sometimes it takes a little digging to find some answers, but once you do, it feels like a revelation.”

- Hoda Uyum



Access bars 赠予&接收

赠予和接收Access Bars®对你和你的身体是一个不可思议的滋养和仁善的程序,你将会打开通往合一之门- 在那里对一切事物的存在都没有评判,在一次Bars的赠予&接收活动中,你将能够与其他在你的地区的Bars执行者交换。这是让你的Bars定期运行的很棒的方式!

在公园的Access Bars

你被邀请到这个在美的丽户外活动去体验一次Access Bars疗程!每次疗程都是不一样的。最常听到的反馈是会有一种完全放松的感觉,一个更平静的头脑以及更多的能量和创造力。

体验Access Bars

你受邀来这个活动体验一次Access Bars的疗程!每次的疗程都是不一样的。最常见的反馈是有一种完全放松的感觉,更平静了,而且能量以及创造力的提升了。

ACCESS BARS心理健康意识免费诊所

在9月份,为支持世界防止自杀意识月,Access Bars®导师和执行师们将在世界各地举办活动,并为寻求其他可能性或希望之光的人敞开大门, 来接收一次免费的Bars个案。