Joan Panzella

Joan Panzella

Joan Panzella


Joan was born in New York City, and has been a part of the performing, music, visual and written arts since the age of 3, graduating from The Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, Brooklyn Museum Art School via a Joseph C. Nothern Scholarship in Art,and The H.S. School of Performing Arts. (Made known world-wide in the movie, "Fame".) 

She loves participating in the sports of climbing, skiing, running, tennis and driving, and for several years was a sports medicine doctor's assistant. She studied psychology at Brooklyn College, worked in Computer Technology, and thoroughly enjoys being an entrepreneurial futurist.

And of course has lots of fun Coaching; to Excite and Assist in Empowering You with Tools for Pragmatic Change.

Note that Joan is also an ESSE and ABUSE HOLD PRACTITIONER.


Hi Beautiful You!  It’s All about Play….

The Play is in Receiving: Totally enjoying You and the Adventures that Await that Only You Can Create….by Choosing the Gifts and the Continuous Blooming of Possibilities that you Are.

 Joan Celebrated Her Adventure of 65 Years in the Spring of 2019.

 Joan’s Being the Space of Joy after an energy session. You can Be it too!

 When you have a session with me, Joyful energies nourish your Body and Being, and if you wish, we can ask lots of questions, to open up even more of limitless possibilities in your world!

What else IS possible? ®

Then, with the limitless possibilities before you, you can energetically try on these choices for living, be increasingly aware of Knowing that You Know, and choose what is totally light for you.

Being, energetically, like children again. Filled with wonder and anticipation about, and with Everything.

How Does It Get Any Better Than That? ®

From there, in a session with me, you can choose to choose, and create your own, unique, beautiful, pragmatic, potent way of living!

After all, there is only one You!

And just by Being that one-of-a-kind, Beautiful energy that you Are, you truly are the Invitation for everyone else to show the gift of who they are, and the possibilities become exponential for All!  This is not wishful, woo-wooey thinking, this is You, thriving as the ever expanding capacities of creations of, and for living that you choose to be and create!

Quantum physicists and Neuroscientists are acknowledging, more and more, people's amazing energetic abilities and capacities to change pretty much anything when there's no judgment attached, getting out of our own way, and just choosing Being Here, Right Now, as Our Unique Space of Being!

Are you one of those who deep down inside, get excited at the prospect to fully receive and be a part of all the Molecules of Limitless Possibilities of Who We Be as a part of the Earth and the Universe?

If yes, guess what?  There’s nothing to “fix”!  Just the sloughing off of the feelings, thoughts, and emotions impelled on us since birth (better known as head-tripping, heart-tripping and crotch-tripping) to reveal the Diamond of the Receiving, Being, Knowing and Perceiving the Energy of Being We Be.

And yes, when you truly Receive All the multi-faceted Diamond of YOU, you reflect the brilliant possibilities others may see, and Change the World. 

Changing the world with your Innate Ability of Fully Being Here, Now, as the Ease and Joy of You.

True story….It really can be that simple! 

How Does It Get Better Than We Could Ever Imagine?  and….. What Else Is Possible? ®

So……Yay for You!  
Are you curious to see how much more space, choice and possibilities we can create 
playing together in a Session with Me?

It will be a gentle, joyful, refreshing breeze of fully re-awakening Being and Receiving the Gift of You,

See you soon!

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My Phone: +1 303-817-0497




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