Saurab Tibrewall

Saurab Tibrewall

Grateful Beyond Words To Have YOU Here. Thank you for showing up in my life!!!

Saurab Tibrewall is a life & business mentor and certified Access Consciousness facilitator.

"My desire is to empower people to know that they can change anything in their life as and when they desire to change. And they never have to live with anything and anyone they find as limitations. 

Wouldn’t it be incredible if you could get access to the entire set of tools and techniques you need to truly live life with ease and succeed in whatever you desire without any effort? As an Access Consciousness facilitator, I’ve learned a series of things that once you know them, apply them and start seeing the phenomenal results, will change the reality you create from, forever, for all eternity. The people and creators I work with are experiencing so much change and magic as things actually work. I’ve spent the last 8years of my life and business living and breathing these tools and as a result all of life comes to me with ease and joy and glory. And How does it get any better than this? Do you desire to have that too? 

Come to an access class and you will discover the infinite possibilities you have and can choose, Now! 

See you somewhere in the world!"

 How does it get any better than this? What else is possible?



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“What choice can you make today that will create the future you desire to have tomorrow?”





AccessBars®是Access Consciousness的核心和基础。 它可以成为伟大冒险的起点,也可以是你增添到你的生活中帮助你在一切事物上更加轻松自在。 Bars®是头部的32个独特的点位,与生活的不同领域和方面相关。 触摸一个Bars点位,你就开始通过触摸它来清除锁定在那个区域或生活方面的能量。



Access 3天身体课

倘若你的身体是一个生命中的秘密、神秘和魔法的指南针或者向导,会是怎样的呢? Access身体课是设计来打开对话并与您的身体创造共融,以允许你享受你的身体,而不是与它作斗争并滥用它。