Tales from the Golden Planet

Tales from the Golden Planet

One of the many things that grabbed my interested when I first started with Access was the story about the Golden Planet.

The ability of people to create just by thinking about something, invite into physical actualization just by having something in mind. It looks like we are now going forward and inviting this once again on the planet.

What I have noticed is how much we currently cut off our ability to receive, know be and perceive and how much we have been eliminating that as a possibility.

Is now the time to access these abilities again? To be the magic that we are? To invite magic? To have communion with plants, animals and the entire world?

To be with the planet instead of simply walking on it?

Are we willing to step up and be present?

Join me to talk, play and invite some of those talents and abilities that we have been hiding to come to life and contribute to a different reality here.

What is truly possible in this reality and beyond?

~Kass Thomas


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