Aya Stern

Aya Stern

Aya Stern

What if there is something much greater available for all of us in life? A different reality we can choose and a huge potential in each and every one of us to create everything we desire?

I had it all. A perfect husband, two adorable kids, nice house in beautiful neighborhood and a good job. But this fairytale life looked good just from the outside. Deep down, I was unhappy, unfulfilled and felt trapped living a life to other people’s expectations. I have tried many self-empowering methods, different kinds of meditations, yoga…and it all seemed to help me for a very short amount of time.

I was asking myself what’s the point to live this life if it’s not joyful and fun for another 50 years? Is this really all there is for me, or is there something greater available? 

I came across Access Consciousness by coincidence - my friend asked me to come with her to a 3-hour Money class and I will always be grateful for that invitation because it has changed my life completely. My body reacted to this first class with very high fever, but it didn’t stop me from exploring Access Consciousness more. Very soon after that I attended my first Access Bars Class, Foundation, SOP and Body Class which rocked my world in every possible way. I became aware of my healing capacities and I became aware of a completely different reality that opened up to me. My sense of smell increased, my body felt this beautiful energy, I became aware of everything around me (people, animals, objects, energy) in a different way I ever thought possible. I never felt more peaceful and happy before. And since 

Since I am using the Access Tools, my life became easier, more joyful and it’s changing all the time.

I am so grateful for the gift Access Consciousness is and my desire is to invite more people choose it for themselves and their life. I currently work as Access Bars Facilitator in Germany and Slovenia, offering Bars classes, Bars and SOP sessions and organize Bars exchanges.



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