Henry Tang

Henry Tang

Henry Tang

What would you like to change about you, your life, your body or the planet? If there were just one thing, for now, that you would like to change, what would that be? Yes, that?!!

What if the beginning of the change you've been asking for was as simple as being willing to ask that question, make that request and to receive, really receive with no barriers??

I have been a professional practitioner of clinical massage therapy and trained in numerous remedial bodywork related modalities including myofascial release and cranio-sacral therapy over the past 8 years. On a number of occasions I have travelled half way around the world to train with and connect with some of the most talented and gifted people that I know of when it comes to bodies, natural health and personal change facilitation, for which my gratitude grows all the time for each and every one of these experiences that comes my way. To this day, I continue to travel locally as well as around the world seeking out the best in personal growth, transformation and health facilitation. I have worked with office workers, sports enthusiasts and hobbyists, post surgical rehab and scar tissue release, self employed entrepreneurs, parents, retired folks and other health practitioners, to name but a few and had many successes with chronic pain or physical ailments relating to muscles and soft tissue related tension as well as stress.

Over the years I have been a follower of and trained in internal martial arts and energy cultivation practices like qigong and other related forms. I use to work in IT and was a computer software engineer and programmer for over 12 years before finally leaving that industry behind for good after years of feeling dissatisfied, unappreciated and seeking a more rewarding path and way of life but not knowing at all what that might look like. Eventually, over a number of years I became aware through a very piecemeal emergence of the wonderful new world of possibilities that had opened up from the middle of nowhere as I discovered what the mainstream currently classifies as alternative or complementary health therapies, but which for me has become my mainstream, from the place where I had no interest of and no awareness whatsoever back then. The ease, freedom and amount of influence one can have in the generation and creation of ones life, body and living as well as to see that available for others was what I had silently being asking to unlock all those years. Apart from travelling the world and visiting places on Earth of outstanding natural beauty, connecting with nature, animals and the natural environment, I'm also a somewhat in-the-closet musician currently which one of my many current aims is to properly develop these skills for personal enjoyment, and well, what else might be possible then? :)

When I was introduced to the tools of Access Consciousness over 3 years ago, I recognised that this was something very different to anything with which I had been involved with previously, but no only that, I felt an instant connection with its teachings and perhaps most importantly it's highly pragmatic, it's applicable here now rather than out there in hyper dimensional reality!! The magic and difference of Access Consciousness is also their tag line ""empowering people to know that they know"". The approach isn't that there is something wrong with you and all the self judgement that that can ensue, instead the aim is to find out what you already know, even if it's currently buried deep, that will unlock what it is that you have decided can't be unlocked, once those layers have been cleared through enough.

Access Consciousness is about clearing the space of you so that you can be in the question and in possibility, rather than being in judgement of you and in the confines of limiting conclusions or even other people's definitions of (accepted) reality which aren't true for you! The Bars is an introduction for you to begin to clear out and start receiving that space and possibility in your body that is the truth of you and your full transformational capacities over time.

I always welcome questions, queries and comments, so please feel free to email or phone for a chat, to discuss the possibility of setting up a training workshop so that you and your friends can learn The Bars so that in turn you and they can swap session with friends, family, or receive from paying clients (if that's what they or you choose), or to set-up a private session with me to experience this work first hand.

Each private session with me is an investment of $200 and lasts for 1 hour. Please ask yourself if this would be a gift to you, and perhaps you might also ask yourself, how many sessions or how often? Please know that you know, you are truly the expert on you. :) We can discuss further if you so feel drawn in any way, a complementary no obligation 5 to 10 minute phone consultation is on offer if you still know that you require further clarity or a more tangible semi in-person connection with me first before deciding.

Thank you for stopping by and being the contribution that you perhaps don't know yet that you are!! :)


Contact Tel: +44 7970 020204

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What's it like to take an Access Consciousness class or session with Henry? Watch this video to find out more about The Access Bars...

“Real wealth is knowing you can create and generate anything”

- Gary M Douglas




Access Bars是Access Consciousness的核心和基礎。它可以是一個偉大的冒險的起點,它可以是您添加到您的人生中的一些事物,這將有助於您更輕鬆地創造一切。Bars是通過和圍繞您的頭部連接到您人生中不同方面的32個的能量點。觸及一個Bars,您開始清除在該領域或您人生中鎖住了的能量,只是通過觸及它便可以了。

Access Bars 給予&接收

給予及接收 Access Bars® 對你及你的身體是一個不可思議的滋養及仁慈的程序。你開始打開通往合一的門 - 在那裡存在一切事物而沒有批判。在一個 Bars 交換 & 接收活動你將能與其他在你區域的 Bars 執行者交換。它是讓你固定運行你的 Bars 的一個很棒的方法!