Hope Rubinkowski

Hope Rubinkowski
Hope Rubinkowski, is a Certified Facilitator (CF), Being You Certified Faciltator (BYCF), Access Bars® Facilitator (BF), actor, adventurer, traveler, and possibility seeker who believes that anything is possible.  

What can we create together?

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, I moved to LA at the beginning of Covid and stepped into a whole new adventure of living.  From being an actress to throwing all cards on the table it has been quite a ride!  One I am extremely grateful for, and beyond grateful for the Access Consciousness tools during this entire journey.

From starving artist to joyful world traveler, I am so grateful for what these tools have broken open in my world, gifting me the choice and awareness to see more of what I can choose and create.  I'm also a bit of a Being You Changing the World junkie ;)

The joy of living is such a gift, one I'd love to get to share with you!


Whatever "isn't" working in your life - what if there is a gift underneath it?  

Whatever "is wrong" about you - what if that's actually where your greatest gift lies?

What if there is nothing to "fix"?


Would you like to play?

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“What strongness is hiding behind this wrongness?”

- Dr. Dain Heer