John Newman

John Newman

Hello, amazing you! What magic can you choose today?

Access Bars® & Access Consciousness® are pragmatic tools to change your life in miraculous ways. Feeling stressed, stuck, depressed or that change is impossible? I hear you (#beenthere)! And I ask you: what if something greater truly is possible?

Imagine waking each day and actually being happy and excited?

I used to think this was not possible, and yet today, I’m living each moment with more ease, more joy and more gratitude for everything - even the stuff that I cannot control.

In 2017, I left the Australian Defence Force after serving 14.5 years. Diagnosed with depression and another medical condition I was disharged for, I was questioning everything and knew things had to change. I’d been divorced for 6 years and had an acrimonious relationship with my ex, which made co-parenting our 2 daughters a constant stress and fight. I longed for ease, but had how no idea how to create it.   

Since adding Access tools to my life, my whole experience of living has changed. I enjoy an amazing relationship and connection with my kids (who are now teenagers and still like hanging out with me - go figure!). All things financial are so different, I can’t even begin to describe (I actually enjoy paying child support now!). My level of gratitude and exuberance for everything I’m choosing and creating keeps expanding each day. I actually enjoy being me now!

If you’d like to add more ease, more happiness and possibilities to your current journey of life, book a session or class, or get in touch.  Let’s chat and see what’s possible.

How to start now:

  • Choose an Access Bars or Access Body Process session (in person only).

Show up, relax, lie down, even go to sleep, while releasing limitations that keep you stuck - no talking required (but you can if you want - chatterboxes welcome, too!). 

  • Choose a one-on-one facilitation (online or in person).

What topic is up for you? Feeling stuck or limited? What would you like to change? Facilitation with Access questions and clearings are designed to empower you to know what YOU know, so that you can create, choose and change anything.

  • Take a Class!

Learn in one day incredible tools for change, or take a deep dive and unlock your magic (yes, you ARE magical!). The choice is yours, what will you choose? Join me for a 1-day Access Bars Class, Body Process/Energetic Facelift classes, 4-day Access Foundation class and other fun. Check my schedule below for upcoming events and workshops. 

What if you could live choosing for the fun and joy of things?
What would that be like for you?


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