Nathalie Mamet

Nathalie Mamet

Nathalie Mamet

Two years ago, I did not know anything about Access Consciousness. I was not even interested in any other modalities concerning energetic healing or whatever.

At that period, I knew that I had to make something to change my life! When I was proposed an Access Bars session, I did not hesitate a second to try it. I knew at that moment that this thing was going to be something special and this thing would make a difference in my life! 

Since then, I never stopped receiving the Bars. One year later, my life was already completely different from what it was! I was completely different! Everything was so easy, joyful and my business was flourishing.

I had my first Access Bars class only in May 2018, I decided right away, during that class, to take the Foundation class which was the day after. That one completely changed my life again! I knew that the only thing I wanted to do now was to include Access Consciousness completely in my life and to work as a practitioner. So I did!! One week later, I quit from my business and started my Access Business. 

Since then, I have done three 3-Day body classes, two foundation classes and one Talk to the Entity Class. Just to say that I never stopped!

Access Consciousness has changed my life and I now know that I can everyday contribute to other people to help them find their capacity of also changing their lives. 


How can it get greater than that!



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