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Energy has always been the loudest form of communication in my world. I used to think everyone perceived the world with the same intensity and just hid it better. I have always been a seeker trying everything I could to find something that worked and would assist me in making sense of a world I just did not understand. What I like most about Access Consciousness is that I finally got access to these pragmatic tools and techniques that I could use to work with the energy to create change in my life and the lives of others. 

I grew up as an X-men thinking I was completely normal and tried to fit in but never fit anywhere. It wasn’t until finding the tools of Access Consciousness that I realized I was not normal and had access to talents and abilities that I could use to contribute to something greater. It is the greatest gift to go from making myself totally wrong for being different to beginning to embrace who I am and inviting others to that possibility by being proud to be an X-Men.

I offer classes, telecalls, bodywork and private sessions on a wide variety of topics such as Access Bars, Introductions, Clearing Nights, The Foundation, X-Men Intros and Special Topics (ATYPICAL & PLAY)

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Writing about this I was not sure where to start. Being an X-men is new to me and I am yet to take a deep dive into the materials, classes and informational available. One thing I do know is that I am different and if you are reading this that applies to you to. Something you might not know is how different you actually are in the way you perceive the world. Autism is a word used to describe a “spectrum” of people who don’t fit the box of “normal”. I am one of these people to which degree I do not care to define. What is true for me is I am different, i desire something different and this reality is not enough. I will do my best to show you through my eyes how I see the world. Do not buy it as true, real or significant. It’s all just an interesting point of view.  


For me being an Xmen is questioning everything, even questions. Its knowing that this reality is not all that there is. Being an Xmen is using the way you sense the world to go beyond this reality where no one has been before. Its everything defined and everything undefined, pulling it apart and looking at the space between the lines and linearity. It’s delving into these spaces and exploring unchartered space. Being an X-men is an acknowledgement and a celebration of the unique gift you are in the world and the contribution you are willing to be, know, perceive and receive. It’s the communion you have with the molecules of the universe and the consciousness they desire to be.


Autism is like undefined spacial awareness. Information comes from everywhere as energy and there are little to no filters. It’s not always clear where the information is coming from, whether its past, present or future, whether it’s from the person next to you or from miles away. When the information comes it comes in waves and the intensity of so much information at once is like trying to pass an ocean through a pinhole in less than a second. Autistic people can often seem like they are not present, extremely overwhelmed, agitated and withdrawn. More often than not this is actually when Autistic people are perceiving more information than usual. They will be aware of what everyone is thinking within and outside the room, they will sense the other body’s around them, they will be aware of what is going to occur next and often they will be exploring multiple ideas simultaneously.  


For many of you this may have seemed like a burden as you do not fit in this reality and people are intimidated by what they do not understand and what does not fit this reality. You may have also chosen to make you less and suppress your awareness in order to fit the order of this reality. That doesn’t have to be your reality anymore, there are different possibilities available for you to choose.


Something that has helped me tremendously is reminding myself “your not wrong your just different”. Many people have also had to remind me of this countless times and I admire there patience! When you don’t fit in and you see things differently it can be easy to invalidate your reality in favor of others but it doesn’t actually work. Your aware of energy and you can turn down your awareness but you cant make it go away. Your awareness of energy has always been there an will always be there. You can run but you can’t hide. 


Usually one piece of information is not enough. I like to have the words, the pictures, the energy, the senses and the awareness of whatever it is past, present and future. When all of this information is delivered when communicating it creates a sense of ease in knowing. for example if someone is giving directions by telling you left and right i get lost easily but if someone is also communicating using senses, visual cues, energetic awareness and words i can receive the information with much more ease.  


Some of you reading this might be looking for how you can have more ease with your child, friend or partner. I will speak to what brings ease for me. Sometimes the vastness of space is nice, I often try to define all the information I receive to figure out what to do with it all but it can be nice to just let it all pass through and not have to define anything. Talking and engaging with people can be tiring as you are constantly trying to figure out if what you are perceiving is relevant to that person and the conversation. Allow yourself or the person your with to have space, there is a sense of peace, ease and oneness that comes when you expand your sense of space. Ask the person who you are with what works for them. For me being in the ocean, in nature and touching animals are the easiest ways to get a sense of peace, ease and space again.


All of us are connected to everything weather we like it or not. Being an X-men is receiving  more of everything that comes with that, the good, the bad and the ugly. It’s also the creative capacities you have and be to go beyond this reality and create something entirely different. Your not wrong, your just different and what if everything you have made wrong about you was actually what is strong about you.

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What do you know that no one else knows?

“"Everything is the opposite of what it appears to be and nothing is the opposite of what it appears to be"”

- Gary Douglas