The Being You Facilitator Training

Welcome to the Being You Facilitator Training!

What do you know? What do you know about being you? What do you know about being the difference that truly creates change in the world?

Is now the time for you to show others what is truly possible? To invite them to take living to a whole new level?

Then this training may be for you! After this you'll be able to facilitate two different classes.

- An Intro evening: An Introduction to Being
- A One Day class: Being You, Changing the World - The Beginning

Don't ever stop exploring the possibilities that you know are real! It's what you're willing to BE when you're with someone that changes their reality. The greatest gift you can give someone is empowering them to express the greatness they truly be. - Dain Heer

Pre-requisites & Pricing

Pre-requisites: Be an Access Certified Facilitator + have attended two 3,5 day Being You, Changing the World Events with Dain Heer, one of them in person.

Full Price: $2800 USD

Global Pricing Applies

Class Details

Accomodation information & arrival details to Hotel Manoa will be available soon.

Please contact the event team at: