Have you ever wondered what is beyond the limitations of this reality?

Are you an adventurer and a seeker of ever-greater possibilities? Are you willing to ask questions you’ve never even considered before? And are you ready to receive more change than you can imagine? 

If so, the 6-Day Intensive (former 7-Day) just might be for you!

Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer, the co-creators of Access Consciousness, facilitate this 6-day class for those invited to attend after completing through the Choice of Possibilities class. They are held at various exotic destinations around the world such as Costa Rica and Malaysia and are by invitation only.

There are no rules, form or structure to these classes. Gary and Dain will discuss and create processes for any subject you ask about. No question is refused and no topic banned; everything is included. It is a class in which you get to explore you and the infinite possibilities for expansion in intimate detail and with brutal honesty.

There is no other class or event like this offered anywhere in the world. It is a unique and life-changing experience. For those with courage and who are willing, phenomenal change in any area of life is possible. Do not come to a 6-day event and expect to come out the same as when you arrived.

Is it time to stir the pot of your life?


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6-Day Event: The Artistry of Creation

Evento de 6 días: El singular arte de la creación, en línea

Los eventos de 6 días de Access Consciousness son acerca de lo que podemos cambiar para nosotros y para el mundo. ¿Alguna vez te han animado verdaderamente a crear? Esta clase EN LÍNEA en formato libre la facilitan Gary Douglas y el Dr. Dain Heer y es solo por invitación

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