Amy Shine

Amy Shine

Amy Shine

Amy Shine is a world-traveller, inspirational life & movement coach who loves to inspire and awaken others to a life of more ease, fun and consciousness with their body and being. She is one of the authors to the #1 Best Selling Book ''Dancing as the Body For Consciousness''. She also has a weekly radio show on BlogTalkRadio called ''Conscious Sistas''.

Amy Shine is known as a magical body worker who can help facilitate more ease and communion with your body with Access Body Process sessions. She also teaches Access Bars and Body Process as well as has clients for individual sessions. She's a Access Energetic Facelift Facilitator and a NCBTMB Provider for the Facelift and Access Bars Class.  

Amy has amazing capacities with bodies and is a trained Massage Therapist, Thai Yoga Vedic Bodyworker, Dance facilitator and movement coach for adults and kids. She loves all forms of movement and have created her own specialty movement classes called ''Shine Movements''. 

''Every time i get my bars run or get a body process i get more of me. The tools of Access Consciousness empower you to know that you know so i no longer have to make anyone greater than me. I can make choices for me everyday in my life and empower others to do the same. I used to wonder why i was on this Earth. Now I see possibilities everywhere in a world that used to disillusion me'' Amy Shine

If you'd like to take a class with Amy, you can find her classes below.

If you'd like to book a private session, please contact her via email or phone.

You can find a link to her book here:

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I have been actively teaching, hosting and taking classes with Access consciousness for the last four years now. I found this in Ireland and now I live in Florida and I am living and creating my dream life.

I teach Access Bars classes, Access Body Process 1 Day Classes, Access Energetic Facelift classes. I also love to host and organize events so I am involved in bringing lots of different facilitators and classes to Flordia. We have monthly Bars exchanges and Access days where we all come together and gift and receive Access bars and body process.

It truly makes life so much easier, fun, enjoyable. Getting your bars run or receiving a body process is like cleaning out the hardrive in your computer. Access Bars is a light touch system that is like deleting files that no longer serve you. Receiving Access Body process releases trauma, injuries and stress from the body and creates a whole new possibility for you and your body.

You can come and book a session with me and receive Access bars or body work.

You could also come and take Access bars or body process class and gain some insight into how this works and become a practitoner which allows you to take part in Bars and body process exchanges.

If you are struggling, lacking energy, have insomnia, realtionship issues, money problems, feeling dis-illusioned, anger issues, body pains, allergies, sickness, addiction problems and anything that is limiting you and your life, come and try a session or class and see how fast you can change all of this and begin to have a life that is a lort more joyful.

Access Consciousness gave me tools and processes, hands on bodywork with pragmatic tools to use everyday in life that allowed me to have so much more kindness and caring for me and as a result I now am living a magical, beautiful life.

Would you like some of this?

It's your choice, you choose.

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Hi guys! I'm hosting a POP for the Global Foundation that Dain & Gary are doing in Brazil. Global Foundation is a yearly class that Gary Douglas and Dain Heer do once a year and this year it will be in Brazil, Friday Feb 7th-10th. You can live stream the class and join us at a POP in Wellington, Florida. We will be watching the class live, while running bars and body process. If you'd like more information, please call me @ 305-7667-389 or email me: