Ariana Buksdorf

Ariana Buksdorf

Hello there , I am glad you found my page. I am a Certifiable F'ng Miracle Worker , Bars Facilitator, Bars Practioner, Energetic Face Lift Facilitator, Body work practitioner , Yoga RYT 200 hours. Laughter yoga leader and a Reiki Master. I was introduced to Access Consciousness while making some pretty significant changes in my life. 

I got in a heavy car accident, that left me unalbe to work , unable to practice yoga, unable to live the life I knew. I knew I needed change.

The first time I had my Bars run, I  wanted more of whatever that was.  I could sense a space within me that was opening up to something different that I used to. My discovery of Access lead me to become so muh more than I thouhgt it was possible for me. I became a Bars and Facelift Facilitator,  Body Practioner, became a Reiki Master,  and a  Laughter yoga leader. I now dedicate my life to make people live a happier life , to let them know ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!  If you are here that means you are READY to BECOME A BETTER , HAPPIER VERSION OF YOU!  









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