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Your guide to joining us in Mexico City!

السفر والمواصلات

Benito Juarez International Airport (MEX) Airport Website

Mexico Entry Requirements - Information Here

Taxi's, Shuttles, Rental Cars, and the Metro are all options available from Benito Juarez International Airport!

Check out your transport options here.

The official currency in Mexico is the Peso.
Cash machines can be found almost everywhere; most credit cards are accepted.

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Mexican Peso (MXN), and probably a bit more, can be found here.

تتطلب دعوة تأشيرة؟

أرسل أيميل لخدمة العملاء

سوف نطلب المعلومات التالية:
اسم جواز السفر
رقم جواز السفر
رقم الهاتف
تاريخ الدورة
مواعيد السفر التقريبية

Check the weather forecast here.

Suggestions on what to bring:

  • Comfortable clothes, but also a bit warmer, it's getting a bit cooler right now! Mexico City is vibrant with color! What does your body want to look spectacular in?
  • Bring comfortable footwear for walking ....and maybe dancing?
  • Sweater or wrap for evenings and air-conditioned spaces.
  • Layering is a great idea, as temperatures can vary a lot from the morning to the afternoon.
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Registration begins at 7:30am
Registration ends at 9:15am

Class will commence at 9:30am
Prepay for ease at registration
Bringing Cash?
We will be accepting USD & MXN* at this class.

Full Price in USD -  $ 2,750

Full Price in MXN* - 49,500 

*Please note, only locals may pay in MXN

Repeat and Country Pricing can be calculated at registration

موقع الدورة 

Sheraton Mexico City Maria Isabel Hotel

Paseo de la Reforma 325 Col. Cuauhtemoc
Mexico City
Distrito Federal, Mexico, 06500


Sheraton Maria Isabel Website


Sheraton Mexico City Maria Isabel Hotel

Paseo de la Reforma 325 Col. Cuauhtemoc
Mexico City
Distrito Federal, Mexico, 06500

The Access Special Rate has expired, book directly with the hotel here

About Mexico City


Mexico City is the capital and largest city in Mexico, as well as the most populous city in North America, the sixth-largest metropolitan area in the world, and the largest Spanish-speaking city in the world!

Spanish conquistadors founded Mexico City in 1521 atop the razed island capital of Tenochtitlán, the cultural and political center of the Aztec (Mexica) empire.

The city’s rich heritage is palpable on the streets and in it's parks, colonial-era churches, and museums.

So many things to see and do!  Here is a list of possibilities to explore!

عضوية كرييتف أيدج

هل ترغب في ترقية تجربتك في هذا الدورة؟

استمتع بمقاعد الصف الأمامي وتسجيل الشخصيات المهمة من خلال الانضمام إلى كرييتف إيدج.

أحدث وأروع ما يقدمه مؤسس أكسس كونشيسنس جاري دوغلاس والدكتور داين هيير وسيمون ميلاساس بما في ذلك عرض مباشر عن بُعد كل شهر ومفاجآت غير متوقعة من أي مكان وفي أي وقت.

كن عضوا مهما

* عضوية Creative Edge متاحة باللغات الإنجليزية والفرنسية والألمانية والإيطالية والبرتغالية والإسبانية والروسية.

المطاعم وتجارب الطعام

There are many restaurants, bistros and cafés within walking distance of the venue

Sonora Prime - Centro Histórico
Steak, seafood and cocktails


La Casa de las Sirenas
Traditional and contemporary Mexican cuisine

The Cuauhtemoc area offers many choices of food and drinks in all price ranges. Find the best options, as curated by Tripadvisor.

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