Where In The World Is Simone?

Simone is the Worldwide Business Coordinator of Access Consciousness®, an international speaker and author of Joy of Business, Getting Out of Debt Joyfully and Relationship Are You Sure You Want One? She is an acclaimed business and life mentor, and travels the world facilitating seminars with Access Consciousness. A lady who knows how to be a woman, Simone revels in the joy of future opportunity, and knows that the prospect of possibility resides in every choice you make. You can find Simone every week on her 'The Choice, Change & Action Podcast' available on her website and iTunes.

More about Simone here: www.simonemilasas.com


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What if you know more about business than what you have been willing to acknowledge? What if you never gave in and you never gave up and you were always creating?

What choices are you making and what would you like to generate with ease? What if you are the possibility you’ve been looking for?

The word relationship means the distance between two objects. Relationships Done Different is an invitation to something greater. It’s an invitation to communion.

Telecall Series

Enjoy several calls over a period of time where the lines are generally open. These calls are one of the most dynamic ways for you to interact and ask questions on a weekly or monthly basis of Simone. They are also a great way to keep up with the latest processing and tools that are being co-created in classes all over the world.