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Your Guide to Joining Us in Mooloolaba!

السفر والمواصلات


Brisbane Airport 
About 1 hour and 40 minutes from the venue 


Sunshine Coast Airport 
15minutes away from the venue



From Brisbane Airport 
Mooloolaba is approximately 105 km / 65 miles from Brisbane. 
Travel time is about 1hr and 40 minutes.

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From Sunshine Coast Airport

Australia’s national currency is the Australian dollar (AUD) which comes in polymer (plastic) notes of $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100. Coins are in 5, 10, 20 and 50 cent denominations as well as $1 and $2 denominations.

Convert currency at your bank, or at the airport before leaving or upon arrival.
Check currrent exchange rates at Xe Currency Exchange currency converter.

ATMs are available.
Credit cards are widely accepted. 

*For ease of payment, please let your credit card companies know where and when you will be traveling.

All non-residents require a visa to enter Australia.
You can find information on types of visas and how to apply online here.


Email Customer Service
We will require the following information:
Passport name
Passport number
Phone number
Class dates
Approximate travel dates

Wondering what to pack and what the weather forecast is?  We've got you covered!

Daytime temperatures usually reach 28°C in Sunshine Coast in February with moderate heat and humidity, falling to 20°C at night.

Check the weather forecast here.

What to Bring:
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen (preferably eco & marine friendly), and/or a hat
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Swimwear
  • Layering pieces, a sweater or wrap for evenings and air-conditioned spaces
  • Comfortable footwear for exploring or shopping
  • The Magic of You! 
Have travel or accommodation questions? Contact us at ozevents@accessconsciousness.com
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موقع الدورة 


7 Venning St,
Mooloolaba QLD 4557

+61 7 5665 4416

Mantra Mooloolaba Beach Website


Mantra Mooloolaba Beach
7 Venning St,
Mooloolaba QLD 4557

Dates: 16–21 Feb 2023 

1 Bedroom Superior Apartment  = $255.00 per night
1 x bedroom Ocean Superior Apartment =$290.00 

Call to book your stay. Mention you are with the Access Consciousness 2023 Group 

Nicole Goodson (Reservations Manager) Phone: (07) 5452 2600 // extension to reservations 
Anna Osborne (Reservations Manager) Phone: (07) 5452 2600 // extension to reservations

*Bookings to be made between 9am and 5pm AEST --> Your Times Here

This facilitator training is occurring during peak season in Australia, be sure to book your accomodation well in advance.
Free undercover parking is available 


Please note that it will be peak season in Australia so be sure to book your accomodation well in advance.

Airbnb - check out what's available here

Bookings.com - more accommodation options here


About Mooloolaba

Mooloolaba is a tourism destination and all-weather harbour favoured by recreational sailors in the Sunshine Coast region of Australia. 

The Esplanade facing Mooloolaba beach is a centre for tourist activity, containing the Sea Life Marine Park, as well as many souvenir and clothing shops, bookshops, galleries and restaurants.

Behind the apartments facing the Mooloolaba Beach are camping grounds, backpacker hostels and canal villas. 

Visit the Sunshine Coast 

TripAdvisor's Things to do in Mooloolaba

Discover Mooloolaba


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