Global Foundation & Access Energetic Facelift

Access Energetic Facelift 
with Shannon O'Hara & Grace Douglas 
May 7 2024, Prague, CZ

Your Guide to Joining Us in Prague!

السفر والمواصلات


Václav Havel Airport Prague - PRG 

The airport is open 24 hours a day and offers free, unlimited Wi-Fi connection that passengers can access through its “” network.

Passengers can also find detailed information about their flights on the airport website: This site available in multiple languages besides English.



Airport Transfers

Taxi cabs are available outside the Arrivals hall. Average price is around 800 CZK. Registered taxis are operated by AAA RadioTaxi and Fix.

Uber or Bolt work well! Average price is about 700 CZK depending on time of day.

Car Rental
Many car rentals companies operate at the Prague Airport. 

Public Transportation
Airport Express bus line at the terminal exit, is the fastest public transport option from the airport to the Prague Main Train Station. It can get you to the city centre in 30 to 45 minutes and is available in 30-minute intervals daily.

More information:  Prague's Visitor Guide

The currency in the Czech Republic is Czech Crown (CZK) also known as Czech Koruna.

Some hotels, shops, and restaurants accept Euros as well, but many only take Czech Crowns.

Prague has many 'cash machines' (ATMs) where you can withdraw Czech Crown (CZK) including at the airport terminals. 

Credit cards are accepted most everywhere.


تتطلب دعوة تأشيرة؟

أرسل أيميل لخدمة العملاء

سوف نطلب المعلومات التالية:
اسم جواز السفر
رقم جواز السفر
رقم الهاتف
تاريخ الدورة
مواعيد السفر التقريبية

Prague in May can be a bit chilly and changeable with temperatures between 8°C and 18°C

Prague 14 Day Weather forecast

Suggestions on what to bring:

  • A light jacket, sweater or wrap - it can get a bit chilly in class, an extra layer may be welcome
  • Waterproof jacket, boots and Umbrella - spring weather may be rainy and  unpredictable 
  • Walking shoes - Most of the streets of Prague are cobblestoned.  You will want to walk the Old town.  
محادثة التيلجرام
هل ترغب في التواصل مع مضيفيك والمشاركين الآخرين ؟

انضم إلى محادثة Europe AC Live Classes على التيليجرام.
هذا مكان رائع للعثور على رفقاء السكن ومشاركة المواصلات والمزيد.

موقع الدورة 

Forum Karlin,
Pernerova 51,
186 00 Praha 8-Karlín,
Czech Republic

This venue is not a hotel. To book a room, choose from the list below

Venue Website


Hotels close by Forum Karlin- (Venue is not a hotel)
Hilton Prague closer to venue
MrParkIt - Right beside venue, but you need to prebook online.  
Try parking at Marriott hotel or Hilton Old Town usually has space

About Prague Old Town

So much to explore and enjoy in Old Town Prague!

From Prague Castle to the Astronomical Clock, the Charles Bridge,  wandering through Mala Strana and more...

عضوية كبار الشخصيات (Creative Edge)

هل ترغب في تحسين تجربتك في هذه الدورة؟

استمتع بمقاعد الصف الأمامي وتسجيل كبار الشخصيات من خلال الانضمام إلى Creative Edge of Consciousness.

أحدث وأروع ما يقدمه مؤسس أكسس كونشيسنس جاري دوغلاس والدكتور داين هيير وسيمون ميلاساس بما في ذلك عرض مباشر عن بُعد كل شهر ومفاجآت غير متوقعة من أي مكان وفي أي وقت.

كن عضوا مهما

* عضوية Creative Edge متاحة باللغات الإنجليزية والفرنسية والألمانية والإيطالية والبرتغالية والإسبانية والروسية.

المطاعم وتجارب الطعام

Looking for more?


Taste of the Symphony - Coming Alive, Relaxing Into Your Magic

with Dr. Dain Heer

May 3, 6:00 - 7:30pm
Are you willing to know that you are an energetic wizard?
This hands-on taster class is the beginning of your journey into that magic, via the Symphony of Possibilities (SOP)!

Free for those attending the Global Foundation class.

A Different Business for the World

with Simone Milasas, Katarina Wallentin, David Kubes, Diana Weinfurtova

May 05, 6:00 - 7:30pm
What would you like to get out in the world?
What if a totally different way of doing business is possible?

Free for those attending Global Foundation class.


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