Francesca Fiorentini

Francesca Fiorentini

Hi, my name is Francesca, and years ago I landed upon a wonderful set of tools called Access Consciousness ...
Since then my life has changed in ways I could never have imagined possible.
Have you ever looked at your life and wondered if there was something greater possible for you? I used to desperately wonder this, and also wish and hope that something would have saved me from the situation I was in.
I spent years seeking, researching, and looking for anything I could find that would offer me a solution or fix me! What I didn’t realize was that there was nothing to fix, there were just different choices I could make.

What if you had the tools that would allow you to change what isn’t working in your life, and add more joy, fun, and ease to everything?

When I discovered these tools, I didn’t have enough money to buy the book that caught my attention (Being you Changing the World, this is the book I’m talking about!). So I downloaded the free chapters of the audiobook and started using the tools given by Dr. Dain Heer there NON STOP. I made the demand of myself to no longer use scarcity or necessity as the justification to not create my life.

It was a demand I made of myself.

Have you ever made the demand of yourself that something changes? Even if things are going great… have you ever asked for more? Access Consciousness offered me that possibility, it didn’t just give me a piece of the cake, it was the entire cake!

I now travel the world facilitating people from all walks of life to know that they know, that they have choice, and that they are not as messed up as they think they are.

After years of making daily choices to get out of judgment, choose based on possibilities and not on limitation, I have more of me than I have ever had before. What if this is something that is available to all of us?

What is the unique gift you are in the world? Would you be willing to choose it?

Francesca Fiorentini is a life and wealth coach, business mentor, seasoned entrepreneur, facilitator of change, and proud mother to a strong beautiful young woman.

Born and raised in Venice, Italy, Francesca gained extensive entrepreneurial experience from a young age as part of the family hotel and antique store businesses. Eventually, her business acumen and love of art and beauty compelled her to launch several enterprises of her own, including a fashion boutique, a costume jewellery business, and a tourist apartment business in Venice.

Throughout her years in hospitality, Francesca gained a sincere appreciation for cultural diversity, inner and outer beauty, and the healing power of kindness and truthfulness – concepts that continue to underpin her work, today. She is renowned for her ability to facilitate powerful change in her clients and class attendees through her unique balance of non-judgemental invitation, honesty, and clarity of communication.

Drawing on her experience as a savvy business leader and events professional, Francesca is currently the Worldwide Coordinator for Access Consciousness®️. She is also a certified facilitator of Access Consciousness®️ classes, including Joy of Business, Body Processes, and the Access Bars.

Francesca brings a wealth of personal experience in many of life’s greatest challenges, including psychological and financial abuse, unhealthy beliefs around money, a misdirected search for solutions, and the silencing of one’s own ‘knowing’. She is committed to creating more joy, fun, beauty, and elegance in others’ daily experiences, and strives to help people become the leader of their own lives.


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What if you could change anything in your life?

“If you were truly being you what would you choose?”

- Dr Dain Heer


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Global Perspectives on Possibilities

You are invited to join Francesca Fiorentini, Worldwide Coordinator of Access Consciousness and Emily Russell, Worldwide Kitten Herder of Access Consciousness, for a global conversation about creation, possibilities, and anything and everything else!

Der Kurs Business, Geld und Profit

Dieser Kurs von Freude im Business verwendet die Werkzeuge von Access Consciousness, um dein Business, Geld, deinen Profit und dein Leben zu erkunden und auszudehnen.