PROA in Costa Rica

PROA – preserving land for a sustainable future

The Place Resort is providing alternative ways of working with and preserving land for a sustainable future. There is a growing awareness on the planet that something needs to change if we, as a species, are to survive. Every day we hear alarming news about climate change threatening our food supply and irreparably damaging the ecosystems of the planet.

Environmental organizations are fighting corporations to stop global deforestation, pollution, depletion of water sources and the destruction of natural habitats through man-made disasters like oil spills and nuclear accidents. Closer to home we have commercial farmers destroying soil health by using GMO seeds and chemical sprays to achieve higher crop yields yet this mass produced food is now less and less nutritious for our bodies. So why do we continue on this path when it is not really working for us?

There are many amazing people and organizations in the world that are doing their best to find a way to stop the destruction and repair the damage to our planet before it’s too late but they are looking through the eyes of physical cause and effect, which severely limits what they can achieve.

The most effective way to change what is occurring in our environment is by working with the energies of nature and using all our skills, knowledge and ingenuity to re-balance the energies of the planet.

Sustainable means it grows on its own. If we leave the planet on its own - it grows. If you leave a vacant lot of land unattended for a few weeks or up to two months it’s totally filled again - nature doesn’t believe in having nothing there, it believes in having everything there. We really need to look at how we could grow things if we didn’t interfere.

Gary Douglas

The charitable purposes of The Place Resort are

  • To provide research and support information for those organizations and individuals in the community wishing to preserve, nurture and care for the natural ecosystems of planet Earth.
  • To educate people in practical, sustainable ways to live, be and work in partnership with the energies of nature.
  • To make a significant and substantial contribution to the provision of natural ecosystems that create a sustainable future;
  • To deliver natural ecosystems related programs to people in the community;
  • To work collaboratively with government and non-government organizations to create and build socially sustainable natural ecosystems communities that provide for improved economic, educational and social opportunities and outcomes for people and the planet.

The Place Resort in Action

  • The resort will offer education via study programs and seminars about earth energies and bioenergetic land management.  The consultants will work with people in their local area and show them ways to undo damage done to their land and replenish the generative energies in the soil.
  • The possibilities for the application of this study program extend to land management groups or individuals interested in contributing to the environment including conservation groups, national park managers and wildlife preservation societies.
  • The vision of The Place Resort is to create something that has never existed before; to create a place where people can learn to live and be in communion with the planet.  As part of this vision, securing a substantial piece of pristine land as an example of what is possible when different choices are made with regard to our environment is imperative.
  • The Place Resort ensures that any land it may purchase for this purpose will be held in perpetuity as a resource for future generations.