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Ava Pandit

All of life comes to us with ease, joy and glory® 

Thank you for visiting!  Please feel free to contact me at avapandit1@gmail.com if you have questions or would like to schedule an in person or online private session.


I am an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator (CF), a Certified Life Coach, a Nervous System Educator, a Consultant, Speaker, Writer, and a nature enthusiast.

The first Access Consciousness tool I learned:

What's light is what's true for you; what's heavy is a lie!

When I first heard this almost 13 years ago, my whole life made sense! I could see it play out in every area in my world! 

For the last 13+ years, I've been on a mission to have and live a life that's true for me. And now I can't imagine living another way!

It's been my greatest joy to facilitate and empower people cultivate trust in themselves to live and create a life that's true for them... and to express their gifts in the world in a way that's rewarding to them!

What can I contribute to you? Let's connect!



You can reach me via email at avapandit1@gmail.com

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Private facilitation sessions, Energy Clearing, Symphony Sessions and Creative Consulting are available online.  

In person sessions of Access Bars, Access Body Processes, Symphony and Abuse Hold are available in Seattle, WA or wherever I am in the world.  

You can contact me directly at avapandit1@gmail.com to schedule, or find me on my website: https://www.avapandit.com/ 



Please see my current schedule below for live and online classes or practitioner session exchanges.  

Would you like to create a class or event in your area?  Please reach out to me directly to discuss.



I share Daily Contributions, Videos, Tools, Questions, & information about my events and classes on:

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You can also find a library of sound clips, including soundclips from my classes on Soundcloud.




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“"When you're feeling most wrong is when you have most change available."”

- Gary Douglas