Soren Lassen

Søren Lassen

Soren Lassen

Søren is an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator and RBFY Workshop Facilitator

He is a licensed Life Coach, Business Coach and Stress Coach


Besides facilitating Bars, Foundation, Body Processes and RBFY classes Søren is working with the Worldwide- and Regional Event Coordinators in Access Consciousness, coordinating the events and translation in the classes all over the Planet amongst other projects.


Søren has worked with everything from coaching gang members and people with different mental issues within the welfare system in Denmark where he also worked on an organisational level to create more possibilities for his colleagues and changes in the organisation for greater possibilities.

In his own business, he has facilitated people who have experienced bullying for a variety of reasons and how to overcome that, business people looking to change up their businesses.

Søren has a space of no-judgment available that to this day still surprises even himself – and a laughter that can cause inner and outer earthquakes of joy.

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“"Uncomfortable is the success you are not willing to choose"”