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Would you like to travel the world and have as many people as possible have access to consciousness by facilitating your classes in all countries and languages?

Our simultaneous translation equipment is used in all the Access Consciousness® classes with Gary Douglas, Dr. Dain Heer, Brendon Watt, and Simone Milasas and we now make it available for you to have your facilitation translated simultaneously with these “blue boxes”.

How does it work?

  1. The facilitator speaks through a microphone which is connected to a transmitter.
  2. The translator listens to the facilitator through headphones connected to a receiver which is set on the same Channel as the facilitator’s transmitter.
  3. They speak their translation through a microphone connected to a transmitter on a separate channel which sends the signal to the participants.
  4. The attendees listen to the translator’s voice through ear pieces, connected to their “blue boxes” on the same channel the translator transmits from.
  5. If more than one language is being translated then each one is transmitted on a separate channel, and the listeners select the language they want to hear on their receivers.

PLEASE NOTE: we do not provide translators or any translation services.


  • Price for transmitters per unit: 6,25 EUR / 6.00 USD/AUD per day of class
  • Price for receivers per unit: 2,50 EUR / 2.50 USD/AUD per day of class
  • Handling cost: 50,00 EUR / 60.00 USD/AUD flat fee
  • Shipping cost varies according to destination
  • Prices are inclusive VAT/TAX

What we require to know

  1. Start date & end date of your class
  2. How many languages
  3. How many attendees requiring translation
  4. Facilitators name, address & email for invoicing
  5. Shipping address for equipment

Please contact the Translation Rental Equipment Team at:

We will be happy to guide you through and give you all the details and information on everything you need to facilitate your classes in multiple languages simultaneously. You will get videos and  written instructions to make this very easy for you.

Our equipment can be shipped from USA, Brazil, Russia, Japan, China, and Europe.

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Suzy Godsey & Hannes Thalmann