How To Become An Access Facelift Facilitator

Would you like to change people’s lives and help them to enjoy their bodies? All the while helping them feel and look younger? Has the Access Facelift changed your life and body? Would you like to share that? Become an Access Facelift Facilitator.

As an Access Facelift Facilitator, you are certified to:

  • Facilitate Access Facelift Classes
  • Offer private sessions as a practitioner
  • Host Access Energetic Facelift Gifting & Receiving
  • Facilitate Access Energetic Facelift Introduction
  • Facilitate special Intro Classes created for BFs, AFFs, and BPFs
  • Facilitate Access Book Intro Classes
  • Facilitate Beyond Aging Intro Classes
  • Facilitate Stress Relief Intro Classes


  • Attend at least one Access Bars and The Foundation class

  • Attend at least one 3-Day Body Class

  • Perform at least 20 Access Energetic Facelift sessions

  • Attend or purchase the most recent Access Energetic Facelift class with Shannon O’Hara and Grace Douglas

The Process

After you have completed all the prerequisites you can APPLY HERE

After you have purchased your certification you will receive your Access Facelift Facilitator materials digitally and be able to begin facilitating and scheduling classes.

Annual Renewal Requirements

  • Attended or Purchased Access Energetic Facelift class with Shannon O’Hara and Grace Douglas within 24 months
  • Attended or purchased one of the following classes with a start date in the past 12 months:
    • The Foundation 
    • Choice for Possibilities
    • Being You, Changing the World Event
    • Body Whispering
    • Energetic Synthesis of Being Class
    • Symphony of Possibilities
    • Access 3-Day Body Class
    • Advanced Class1
    • Business Done Different (class or series)
    • Business Done Different – Program
    • Business Done Different – Program with an Advanced JCF
    • Business Done Different – Program with an Advanced Facilitator
    • Getting out of Debt Joyfully with an Advanced Facilitator2
    • Relationships Done Different with any RDD CF
    • Relationships Done Different - 10 Week Program with ANY Facilitator
    • Relationships Done Different with an Advanced Facilitator2
    • Advanced Body Class 
    • Intensive

1Advanced class is 3 days or longer facilitated by Gary Douglas or Dain Heer
2Advanced Facilitators are Gary Douglas, Dain Heer, or Simone Milasas


  • You will be sent an email when your renewal draws near and have the ability to make payment at that time.

    *Please note – You can also pay your renewal fee within the month before it is due (as long as you have your qualifying renewal class) by going to your client dashboard and under Facilitator Tools/Certifications & Renewals. You will be able to renew from there.

Public Profile

Public Profiles are available:

Note: All listings types appear on the Facilitators page. 

  1. Access Facelift Facilitator Practitioner (AFPR)

    A profile page featuring contact details, photograph, and message.

  2. Access Facelift Facilitator (AFF)

    A profile page featuring contact details, photograph, and message.
    Ability to schedule classes, which appear in the Schedule of Classes & Events

You can purchase a profile page directly through your Access Consciousness account. Please log in to your account and under “My Account” click on “Public Profile.”

Ongoing Assistance

Access Consciousness hosts regular Body Process Facilitator, Access Facelift Facilitator & 3-Day Body Class Facilitator telecalls and/or Zooms with many different topics to assist you as a facilitator. We also have amazing Dazzles (teams) creating lots of wonderful resources and tools for you to grow your Access Business with ease, joy & glory! Staff is also available by email and often by phone.