You must be an active Access Consciousness certified facilitator (CF), Bars facilitator (BF), Body Process facilitator (BPF), or Facelift facilitator (AFF) and purchase an annual POP host certification.


What does a POP host do?

A POP host is at the center of creating Parties of Possibilities (POP) for many different Access Consciousness online classes. These parties are invitations to those who are not attending the live class in person but desire a nurturing and fun experience of it. Run body processes and watch the class live or in your time zone. A POP host creates this space in a private venue. 

How is a POP host supported?

As a POP host, you access multiple creation resources, class-specific resources, training, and FAQs. You also have direct access to an entire gaggle of Access Consciousness staff who are here to support you.

Benefits of hosting a POP

In addition to contributing to greater consciousness in your local area AND the earth, the possibilities are infinite! Invite the energy of the class into your space, add additional revenue streams for you and your business*, and be a generative source of creation… And what else is possible that we have not even considered?

*Commissions for hosting POPs are paid via Paypal within 48–72 hours after class ends. Detailed information is located within the POP HOST RESOURCES.



When you are ready to host a POP, you must pay 50% or more of the main class you would like to host and be an active POP host.


POP host resources are located in your account pages under Certifications & Renewals > Party of Possibilities (POPH).