Diane Harshman

Diane Harshman

"Did the Access Consciousness® Web Site find you, or, did you find it? This question deserves consideration. The fact that you are here reading my biography is due to the fact that ""energy attracts energy"". My energy pulled you here. Those who are searching for something can stop here. I recommend that you keep reading to learn more about how “Access” and “Running the Bars” process helped me make sense of my life’s journey.

My name is Diane Harshman. I have studied and practiced Energy Healing going on 46 years. In 1976, I began my journey in search for clarity and direction in my life's work. I was living a life of uncertainty, but I always knew their was something more for me in my life.

Early in my young adulthood, one basic fact of life that became very clear was that “everything is Energy, just at different rates of vibration and form. In the early 1960’s, I observed this phenomenon by moving the rabbit ears on our black and white TV. It amazed me how the TV’s reception always seemed to clear up when I would walk by the location of the TV. My Dad would joke with me and say “Diane, just stand over there and hold the rabbit hears for a few minutes while I watch this show….I’ll give you a Nickel!” In the 60’s, 5 cents would buy a lot of candy. A second example was when I would get shocked by static energy.

Once I was able to grasp the fact that “energy attracts energy”, I began to experiment. I began to understand that I could project my thoughts to other things in the universe. Early on, I would stare at someone from behind them and they would unexpectedly turn around. It became a game. As I got older, I began to realize that I was different from others and began to think something was wrong with me.

Wow! Sound familiar? I really never had to ""learn how to heal"", it came naturally. I just had no frame of reference as to what this gift was all about. Not knowing how to put this into perspective caused me to keep it to myself and I only practiced on my family members and co-workers, who over time, began to realize I had a special gift and truly wasn't practicing ""voo doo"". It was not until Shirley MacLaine (""Out On A Limb"" - her quest for self discovery the infinite possibilities of life), Deepak Chopra (synchronicity & manifestation), Bruce Lipton (""Biology of Belief""- bridging science & spirit) and Greg Brandon (Spontaneous Healing of Belief) publish their books, that I began to visualize and understand the science behind my gift. Finally, I was able to share my gift with others in understandable, scientific terms. Therefore, people began to understand and believe that I had the ability to heal through the use of energy.

At this point in my life my journey began to have real focus and began to accelerate the development of my ""Energy Healing"" skill set. I read hundreds of books dealing with the latest scientific date and theories of Energy Healing. I began learning and practicing the art of ""laying on of hands"" and ""transforming energy"". This doesn't sound like much, but at 30 years old, I hated to read.

So, where has my journey lead me to this point? I have taken several classes with Deepak Chopra at his center in California. I am a Certified Alphabioticist (rebooting the brain), Registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist RCST®s, Certified Matrix practitioner, Reconnective Healing®, MEH, and studied Pranic Healing. I am now a ""Bars Facilitator"", ready to teach or just run your Bars.

When I took these classes, I began to understand that I already had the ability to perform these different modalities. I had already understood their basic principles and had practiced their techniques on friends and family, I just had no idea as to the science behind them. The classes and certifications allowed me to ""find tune"" my skill set and to display an official paper certificate on my wall at my Center. The official certificate allows others to have that confidence in my abilities that I am now a professional healer.

Today, Access has released me from my own limitations. I love performing the ""Bars"" process. It is the perfect tool for every healer's tool box. I teach a class called ""The ABC's of Energy Healing"" which stands for Awareness Brings Clarity. Yes, with BARS one can now clear up emotions, thoughts and feeling that have kept them locked up in themselves like a prisoner. Through the BARS modality you are able to become one with your body... that intelligent body... and you begin to ask it questions. Yes, ""Questions"" to what it desires and requires. It's so simple, right? How does it get any better than that?

So, in closing, my message to you is ""follow the energy, feel it, learn to receive."" ""Everything is Energy"". Now lets begin ""Healing with form, energy and light""! What's stopping you? Call me and let's get started.

P.S. If there isn't a class posted in your area give me a call and we can see ""What else is possible®!""


Heart 2 Heart,

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