Are you and your business ready to create at the speed of space? These business accelerators are ready to go to work for you! How does it get easier than that?


Public Profile

What if people could find and learn more about you with ease? Click on Simone's profile to see what a public profile can create for you and your business! To purchase a profile, log in and click PUBLIC PROFILE under MY ACCOUNT.


Custom URL

Have an active Public Profile on the Access Consciousness site?

Would you like an easy way for people to find you and your business?


Equipmental Rental

Would you like to travel the world and have as many people as possible have access to consciousness by facilitating your classes in all countries & languages?

Our simultaneous translation equipment is used in all the Access classes with Gary Douglas, Dr. Dain Heer, Brendon Watt, and Simone Milasas and we now make it available for you to have your facilitation translated simultaneously with these “blue boxes”.


Body Reference Materials

Have you taken an Advanced Body Class taken in last 4 months OR 3-day Body Class in last 4 months? Then these reference materials are for you!

This complete set of Body Reference materials includes hands on Body Processes and Verbal Processes from the 3 Day Body Class and the Advanced Body Class. These past processes have been complied for ease of use, to allow you to find any energy you need (if you can’t find it in what we already have!)


Body Process Facilitator Certificate

Do you have an Active Body Process Facilitator Certification?


CFMW Certificate

Have you taken the Choice of Possibilities Class? What would this CFMW Certificate create for your office?