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Welcome! I am very happy that you are here.

Have you being looking for something different in your life?new tools to create changes?

This is a space of possibilities,of miracles and power,magic and an adventure of joyful living and more....

Creating with tools that are fun to use and super practical.

This is your time, not earlier and not later.

My name is Sara Yardeni .Let’s get to know each other. 

Ever since I can recall I had the awareness that this reality and life are greater than what it presented itself to be, or than what I was told by the adults in my life. From a very young age I experienced a transformation and awakening of an awareness through healing my body with the practice of yoga, and through the study of the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah.  
I have studied, practiced, taught and met thousands of people around the world for the past 30 years, and discovered that we all would like to have the joy of life and living. There are many ways, paths, and formulas that are offered to get there. 
I lived a very full and busy life that was full of rules and obligations; a life dedicated to serving others. I thought that I had many answers to what life was and is. 
About 9 years ago, being already fully committed to a certain way of being and living, I came to the awareness that I was holding a lot of pain and judgement towards myself and the reality I was living in.
I then chose to be open to experiencing new modalities. 
I expanded my way of living to include different wisdoms; an east-asian healing martial arts method called Dahn-Mudo, and ThetaHealing, the creation of our reality through healing of the subconscious mind. 
I had an awareness that many things in my life were a creation of points of views that I bought into that no longer served me. I spent a lot of time practicing all of the healing modalities together, and still it felt like I was waking up to a similar life. I did not see the full actualization of the change I was feeling in my inner world until I allowed Access bars and Access Consciousness tools to contribute to all the tools I had in my world. 
Have you been doing everything you knew that you could be doing to create the life you want, and are still unable to have the life you choose to have? A feeling where your inner and outer world are not matching?  
Do you ever wonder what it could feel like to have every part of you showing up energized to every part of your life? 
What would it feel like to include everything, anything, and anyone in your life that can contribute to your life to being greater than what it is without feeling that you’re betraying anyone or anything? That you can simply be in total allowance with the Universe to contribute to you? 
Practicing the different body processes have contributed greatly to my well-being, and becoming an Access Consciousness Facilitator was the lightest and most joyful form of expanding awareness that I have ever experienced in my entire life. 
How much ease are you willing to receive into your life and how great are you willing your life to be? What will it take to get there? 
Your choice creates your reality.What can you choose now?
I am offering many of the access core classess and specialty classess.Looking forward to sharing the experience with you online or in person!

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هذا الصف يلغي أساس المحدودية التي كنت تعتقد أنه يجب عليك العيش من خلالها لأنك لا تملك خياراً آخر! يتم تقديمه من قبل مدرب آكسس كونشيسنس معتمد في جميع أنحاء العالم ومدته 4 أيام من الاستكشاف المكثف لكل ما هو ممكن. الصف يخلق الوعي لأساس الوعي الذي لم تكن تستخدمه من قبل في حياتك!