Generative Business Pods

Welcome to Generative Business Pods!

The Generative Business Pods is a 6 month business creation intensive designed to offer sustained support in creating your life and business with the tools of Access Consciousness.

What if everything you create in your business could be created from question, choice, possibility, and contribution? What if that could be the primary space you function from, regardless of what is occurring in your business?

This program was created to support you in being more of who you are as the source for the creation of the business you would truly love to have. What if everything you create in your business could be an expression of joy and possibility? And what if that could create a thriving business and income?

In this six month journey, you will be creating and playing alongside others who are in the same conversation of creation from being, creation from joy, creation from possibility. An environment of dynamic contribution, rather than competition, the Generative Business Pods is a choice for being a different possibility with business, with others, and with yourself, and for discovering that you truly can have a business that flourishes and grows as you are willing to be & receive more.

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