Erika Mangiapane

Erika Mangiapane

I have lived there for a long time… that place where everything and everyone is too intense, where it seems that nothing can change. I lived with anxiety my whole life, I experienced panic attacks, I grew up with OCD and I went through many inexplicable diseases that no one knew how to cure.

I did everything this reality considered good: university, PhD, stable relationship, a house close to my parents, a career as a researcher; everything was right.

The only thing that was wrong was ME. Always, no matter what I achieved, I was never enough.

Then one day, after asking and asking for something different, I stumbled into Access Consciousness and the Access Bars literally changed everything. 

Well, after a while I realised that my choices were changing everything.

Since 2012, my life has evolved into what I had always asked for and still is.

There is one thing I have learned: it never shows up the way you think it will.

When I was little I desired to help people, I wanted to work at the UN or FAO, travel the world and meet new cultures.

Today I get to do this, just in a different way. I get to facilitate these tools around the world, to empower people to know that no matter how bad it looks, no matter how depressed they feel, they always have a different choice available and their life is gonna look exactly the way they chose.

I would be grateful to facilitate what you are capable of in this world!


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“The Space of You is the most attractive thing you can be!”