Erika Mangiapane

Erika Mangiapane

Erika Mangiapane

Erika oozes ease and these days, you can often find her barefoot leading a Gyrotonic session and wonder how someone could possibly have so much grace and communion with their body. Your jaw will drop and you’ll witness some serious magic as she flutters her hands across the massage table during an SOP session…

Erika orchestrates energetic and verbal facilitation with grace, curiosity and piercing questions that will bring you exactly to the knot you were avoiding. As you guys loosen off the contraction you'll experience a kindness, a laid-back sense of humour, and a growing taste of unraveling possibilities and you might wonder: wow, can I seriously have all of that?? And even more?

"What if YOU had the capacity to change everything and you could always choose something different?"

Another charming conversation with Erika could be around her story that saw her choosing so many different roles, all linked by the astonishing willingness to choose what works for her. Even if it's completely, intensely different.

Erika’s talents and capacities run the gamut from majoring in microbial biochemistry as a University researcher (PhD in Biochemistry in 2011) to becoming a Certified Gyrotonic® Trainer, an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator (2015) and translator.

Erika's natural organization skills make planning, getting things done and working with her a dream where effectiveness and lightness play together! But I warn you: you may find yourself longing for more projects with this Mary Poppins of possibilities!

A whirlwind of persistent choice, elegance of living made in Italy and pragmatic, powerful, heads-up creation, not to mention sexualness and total caring with bodies that will seduce you into many more choices and so much wonder about what your particular brand of magic could possibly be. What capacities with bodies could you possibly acknowledge and be if you'd choose to? What magic is she going to intrigue you into?

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“The Space of You is the most attractive thing you can be!”