Andrea Antela Martinez

Andrea Antela Martinez

Andrea Antela Martinez

When I chose to become a facilitator of consciousness and use the Access Consciousness Tools, I had no idea how dynamically it would change so many areas of my life. I already worked through tons of modalities. I worked hard on myself to fix all my problems and issues to be the “perfect” psychotherapist for my clients. Does that sound like ease? Well, it felt as if it was a never-ending story and hard work.

With Access, my whole world lit up. I found the key to having EASE with all of life.
Now I can facilitate more ease, joy and faster healing for my clients as well.
I am so grateful for their happier lives, no matter how severe the trauma they experienced.


Facilitator: Andrea Antela Martinez, born 1969
Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie (studied in Germany)

I facilitate Day Classes and longer Retreats with Groups as well as with Individuals, Facilitating face to face & online.

My vision is to help create a Community in which people like themselves and where awareness replaces judgments.

Other Modalities in use:


And the most important of all my tools is Presence and Awareness. I facilitate with enthusiasm and gratitude.

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“All of life comes to me with ease joy and glory :-)”

- Gary Douglas