Becoming an Access Body Process Facilitator

On this page you'll find information about becoming a Body Process Facilitator. But a Body Process Facilitator is just one of the ways you can facilitate classes on bodies. Enjoy exploring the possibilities below!


As an Access Body Process Facilitator you can facilitate a single or a double process Access Consciousness Body Process Class.

Participants of a Body Process Class come to learn 1 or 2 processes. In class, participants will learn how to use the Access Body Processes and will also learn what it's like to receive the Access Body Processes.

Begin the Application Process Here

Important Prerequisites

To become an Access Body Process Facilitator (BPF) and have the ability to facilitate an Access Body Process Class there are only a few steps to take:

  • Attend at least one Bars class
  • Attend at least one The Foundation class
  • Attend at least two 3-Day Access Body classes with different facilitators
  • Pay the non-refundable application fee
  • Fill out the online application
  • Sign your BPF contract
  • To maintain your certification you must turn in class lists for every class

Once your application process is complete and confirmed, you will have the ability to facilitate Access Body Process Classes.

Annual Renewal Requirements

*In the next 12 months (from the date of your Certification), and each subsequent year thereafter, you are required to take one of the following classes. Note: All renewal classes start date must be within the past year of when you renew to qualify.*

Pay a non-refundable annual renewal fee - You will be sent an email when your renewal draws near and have the ability to make payment at that time. You can also pay your renewal fee within the month before it is due (as long as you have your qualifying renewal class) by going to your client dashboard and under Facilitator Tools, click on Certifications.  You will be able to renew from there.


Public Profile

Public Profiles are available:

Note: All listings types appear on the Facilitators page 

Body Process Facilitator (BPF)
A profile page featuring contact details, photograph and message
Ability to schedule classes, which appear in the Schedule of Classes & Events

You can purchase a profile page directly through your Access Consciousness account. Please login into your account and under “My Account” click on “Public Profile.”

Ongoing Assistance

Access Consciousness hosts regular Body Process Facilitator, Access Facelift Facilitator & 3 Day Body Class Facilitator telecalls or zooms with many different topics to assist you as a facilitator. We also have amazing Dazzles (teams) creating lots of wonderful resources and tools for you to grow your Access Business with ease, joy & glory! Staff is also available by email and often by phone.