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An Invitation To Something Greater

What if relationships could be something that empowered every person in the world to be more every single day?

Relationships Done Different invites less judgement and more intimacy in all relationships — including family, business, money, friends, partners, lovers, the earth, your body, and more!

In the Relationships Done Different classes, you will be given simple and pragmatic Access Consciousness tools to empower you to create relationships that actually work!

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Join our hosts as they discuss the insanity we can choose when it comes to relationships and how they all see relationships now very differently using the tools of Relationships Done Different and Access Consciousness.

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Are you looking at someone else to be more important than you?

Is now the time to let go of something that is so dear to you that you’ve decided that is greater than you that is actually limiting you?

Relationship Books From Access Consciousness

Simone Milasas, Brendon Watt

Gary M. Douglas, Dr. Dain Heer

Gary M. Douglas, Dr. Dain Heer

Gary M. Douglas

Gary M. Douglas

Gary M. Douglas