Access Consciousness® has several ways to change and adjust the full price of its classes and products to arrive at your final price. This means your price may be the result of a combination of applied pricings, and that your price for a class or product can be different than for someone else.

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Global Pricing is a system designed to provide consistent and fair class pricing across the world for four of Access Consciousness’ classes: Access BarsThe Foundation, Access 3-Day Body Class and Access Energetic Facelift.

These four classes are facilitated by certified facilitators and are priced by country and local currency. For example, in France, an Access Bars class may be priced at EUR 380 and in the Czech Republic, it may be CZK 7,850 (Czech Koruna).

Global Pricing is generally reviewed annually.


Country Pricing is a long-standing gift; a generous contribution by Access Consciousness co-creators Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer to assist their clients with currency translation differences across the world. 

The way it works: For some clients, Access Consciousness absorbs a portion of the full class price related to their country’s currency exchange rate. For example, Country A may be set at 80%, meaning that when a person who lives in Country A registers for a class, their price may be 80% of the full price. Some countries, such as the USA, are assigned 100%, which means Country Pricing is not applied to them.

Country Pricing may also be available for some shop products, though not all products.

Country Pricing is generally reviewed annually.


Repeat Pricing may apply to a class price when a client attends the same class type again, within a set number of months. For example, clients often attend a Choice for Possibilities class each year and receive 50% of the full price.

The percentage and duration vary with different class types. Note that Repeat Pricing does not apply to all classes.

Repeat Pricing may also apply to some shop products, for example, when the product is a recording of a live class and is purchased within 12 months of attending another, similar class type.


Class Cluster Pricing is where participants attending a primary class receive a special price when also attending a secondary class.

For example, during a Choice for Possibilities class (primary), Dr. Dain Heer may do a special topics class (secondary), scheduled on the first evening. Participants of the Choice for Possibilities class can then attend and pay 50% of the evening class' list price. Note that Class Cluster Pricing does not apply to all secondary classes.


Children, ages 15 and under, can come to a class at no cost when attending with a paying adult, or at the discretion of the facilitator. Teenagers ages 16 and 17, pay 50% of the full class price.


Most, or all, of the above pricings apply to all classes facilitated by co-creators of Access Consciousness Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer.

Access Consciousness facilitators, certified to facilitate Access Consciousness classes, are required to apply some of the above pricings, depending on the class type. For example, Access Bars, The Foundation, Access 3-Day Body Class and Access Energetic Facelift require Repeat Pricing and Age Pricing to be applied. Facilitators may enable other pricings, at their choice.


Certification Pricing includes the deal that some facilitators receive from Access Consciousness based on a certification.

A note from Stephen Outram, Global IT & Business Development Coordinator for Access Consciousness:

“There are few, if any, other businesses in the world that apply such generous and wide-ranging pricings to their services and products. Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness, said to me that he simply desires people to get to class and receive the change, choice, and possibility that is available to them, and he created a variety of pricings to assist. Via the attendance of classes and active application of the Access Consciousness tools and processes, our point of views about money can change; the cost of something becomes less of a consideration, outshone by what it can create. In the meantime, Access Consciousness, via its unique pricing systems, seeks to ease the cost of attending classes while at the same time creating a vibrant, growing business that is an invitation to all people seeking to create something different with their lives. I am truly grateful.”

*Please note: All pricing types, and any aspect of Access Consciousness pricing, may be changed at any time, without notice, at the discretion of Access Consciousness.

Last update and review: June 28, 2024.