Benevolent Leadership

What is Benevolent Capitalism & Leadership?

Business today needs a new paradigm along the lines of benevolent capitalism, because it is apparent that conventional business practices are out of balance—and we need to address this imbalance now. 

Benevolent capitalism is about the idea that if you do as little harm as you can, and you create for the future, a greater possibility can show up. – BC

Benevolent Capitalism, in our view, is a form of capitalism that is driven by businesses which not only think about the short-term financial benefits but also about building longer-term sustainable businesses that create economic, environmental and social value, that have a positive impact on society and the planet.  

It is not about how much money you can make, it's about asking, "What do I really need to do here that I haven’t done and what else is possible that I haven’t considered?"  This new paradigm is as much about maximizing possibility as it is about making money. 

One of the best business tools anyone could possibly use in both their business and their life is to create and destroy any judgments, conclusions and anything else you hadn't thought of every single day – STEVEN BOWMAN

Businesses can choose to exist at an anti-conscious level, consuming all they can, taking as much as possible from the earth and giving little back. Or they can transform themselves into benevolent capitalists who create value for others and operate in a way that causes no damage and that does not use up, but rather restores and enhances, the environment. It’s just choice. 

We have a catalytic capacity...

Literally, by the questions you ask, the things you do and say, you can transform and change people around you. When you are a catalyst for change, the energy and awareness you bring to a situation allows change to occur. Have you ever noticed? There are times that by just walking into a room you change the energy of things. 

A sense of joy can change and transform everything; our bank account, our business, our relationship and the planet at the same time. So just one key tool can do all that! – CHUTISA BOWMAN

People that are more conscious of making a positive difference in the world make the world a better place from just being there. In order to create a better world and create a sustainable future, we’re all going to have to start making different choices in the way we live and our everyday actions. 

If we don’t start considering the future of tomorrow, we certainly won't create different possibilities and create a phenomenal difference in the world. That energy you can be is what’s going to be needed on planet earth if this place is to survive.