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Conscious Parents Conscious Kids Certified Facilitators make regular appearances in various media outlets around the world. The practical and dynamic CPCK tools can assist people worldwide in all areas! Explore the latest news here.

Radio Interviews & Shows

BLOG TALK RADIO | The Questionable Parent - Interview with Dr. Glenna Rice. What Reality are You Creating with Your Children? What is your point of view about parenting, about you as a parent, about your children and what is that creating for everyone?


THE DR. PAT SHOW | The Questionable Parent - Dr. Glenna Rice talks with Guest Psychotherapist Anne Maxwell. What is Conscious Parenting and Who are Conscious Kids? What is different about parenting from awareness not from what is right?


VOICE AMERICA | CREATING BEYOND REALITY- Heather Nichols talks about Parenting Beyond Right and Wrong. Have you ever felt that being a parent was a really hard job? That you are not very good at it. What if that could all change?


The unlikely question we should be asking our kids every day

KIDSPOT | By Gary Douglas


Never tell your kids they’re being something - tell them they’re acting.

Gary DOuglas