MAXIM | 10 Ways To Unlock Your Inner Gentleman
By Dr. Dain Heer
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HOME BUSINESS | How To Have A More Fulfilling Life with the Best of Both Worlds Business & Motherhood
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BUSINESS WOMAN MEDIA | Creating a relationship with money that works for you
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CONSCIOUS LIVING TV | Why Perfection Almost Killed Me
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SMALL BUSINESS ADVOCATE | The problems with the perfection paradigm
Featuring Susanna Mittermaier
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CREATIONS MAGAZINE | How to Handle Perfectionism and Lower the Risk of Anxiety and Depression
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THE JENNY MCCARTHY SHOW | Interview With Gary Douglas
Interview With Gary Douglas
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BUSINESS WOMAN MEDIA | Looking to the future and how to know you’re on the right path
By Dr. Lisa Cooney
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BUSINESS WOMAN MEDIA | Is it time for a career change?
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ASPIRING GENTLEMAN | How to Build Great Friendships with Other Men
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BEST SELF MAGAZINE | Finding Happiness by Shedding Projections, Expectations and Rejections
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LIVE THE PROCESS | You're Not Wrong: The Motto that is Changing our Lives
By Gary Douglas
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YOUNG UPSTARTS | What’s Great About You That You’re Not Willing To Look At?
By Brendon Watt
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THE GLASS HAMMER | Is Being Liked an Important Element for Public Speaking?
By Beate Nimskly
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BEST EVER YOU | Can Women Have Success without it Being an Either/Or Situation?
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FINER MINDS | The Happiness Plight: Are You Standing In The Way Of Your Own Happiness?
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BUSINESS WOMAN MEDIA | When lies could cost you your dream job
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THRIVE GLOBAL | 4 Steps to Finding Freedom And Leaving Your Story Behind
By Dr Lisa Cooney
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OUR DEEPEST SECRETS REVEALED | How “perfection” is killing people by suicide
Interview With Dr. Dain Heer
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THRIVE GLOBAL | Debunking The Real Man Stigma
By Brendon Watt
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