John Wheeler

John Wheeler

Are you ready for change? Are you open to all the possibilities the Universe has to offer?

When I started my journey with Access Consciousness® I was in a place of emotional turmoil. I was suffering a huge expectation hangover because my job was not at all what I thought it would be, I did not have as much money or financial stability as I expected, I was depressed from living alone while my partner lived out of town, my family was falling apart while I was struggling with my own daily life and I just did not know where to go from there, but I knew one thing....something absolutely had to change!

When I first had my Bars® run, everything began to naturally unfold without work, without worry and without thought, but with total ease! That is the magic that became my being from just a single Bars® session! How crazy is that?

Once the opportunity presented itself, in November 2015, to take an Access Bars® class I was uncertain about the money, the time and my ability to learn yet another modality after I had become a Reiki master/teacher, a Urevia® practitioner, a certified ethical intuitive consultant and was working on a certification for spiritual empowerment coaching. The secret to my drive was that even before I took a class I was told to ask questions.

The three key questions I asked were:
1) What would it be like to have the possibility to take the class?
2) What energy, space and consciousness could I be to create the money for this class?
3) What does it feel like to make this investment and begin a new journey to change my life?

Needless to say the money showed up with total ease and my whole perspective on life has changed! Since November I have stood in my power and asked questions to guide me down my path. I have now completed the requirements to become an Access Bars® Facilitator, I got accepted into a graduate program for Clinical Mental Health, I have the opportunity to return home to be with my family, my partner has committed to moving in with me and I have began to create the reality that I truly choose!

That is the power of the Bars®! That is the capacity at which the Bars® can change your life when you get out of the energy of expectations, projections, judgments and rejections! That is the reason that I have CHOSEN to become a Access Bars® facilitator, to share my story and to provide services that allow you to create the reality you wish to create!

How does it get any better than this®? How would it look and feel to create more money, love, joy, bliss, happiness and ease in your life? What level of finiteness are you operating from that limits you to believe that this reality is here and that you don't create the reality in which you live in? Would you be willing to invest in yourself and tap into your knowing in order to change anything in your life with total ease?

To learn more about me I invite you to visit my website where you can book a private Bars® session and to like my Facebook page to stay current with my offerings! If you are considering or a curious about a session or class, but seem hesitate I would love to connect with you and discuss the possibilities as well!

Love and Light!


****I am a NCBTMB CEU provider*****



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““What if everything that is wrong with you, or about you, isn’t actually wrong? What if it’s actually a potency you have that doesn’t match this reality, but no one has ever been capable of showing you that?””

- Dr. Dain Heer







Energy Pulls - The Series

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