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Julia Sotas


What is consciousness? The best definition of consciousness I have heard, comes from Gary Douglas. It is: that consciousness includes everything and judges nothing. For me, that made total sense and was the universe I wanted to explore.


I have been seeking my whole life. When I was 2 years old my mom became a Reiki Master and she took me to all of her Reiki trainings. I remember being in my mom's Reiki Master's basement in Regina, Canada, and her giving me two of my own personal Reiki stones.


When I was 5 I was trying to figure out if my choice to walk left or right was my personal choice is that moment, or if it was already my predetermined destiny.


Through my teens I studied Bodytalk, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Course in Miracles, and so many other modalities. I used to put dinosaur wrapping paper over my deep spiritual books so I could read them among the other 7th graders at school without having them question me.


So I have been seeking since I got here, and I'm sure you have been seeking for a long time too.


I found Access 12 years ago, as recommended to my mom by her friend Judy. Both of whom were total seekers. When I first heard the basic tools I was hooked! It was everything I had been looking for, and the tools to actually make it happen.


I'm inviting you to a different possibility and a different world. Consciousness has changed every area of my life for the greater, and I'm just thrilled that I can share it with you.


This world of Access Consciousness changes things so quickly and in such powerful ways that I can barely contain my excitement about it!


What is truly possible for you? What is the future you would really like to have and where can you find it?


And if you have a bigger group of people interested in Access anywhere in the world, I am always open to be hosted and to travel to you. I love to travel and go anywhere to create a little more consciousness!

You can find my Podcast on iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud at “Access with Julia”.


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“What else can I add to my life?”

- Gary Douglas