Julia Sotas

Julia Sotas

Julia Sotas

Julia Sotas is a Certified Facilitator of Access Consciousness.

She is the daughter of costume designer Elly, and Canadian grain farmer Harry.

She grew up 5 miles East of a little town called Birtle, population 700.

Her days were filled with school plays and fall suppers at the local high school.

Julia always looked up. She thirsted for more. At 11 she was reading everything she could find on spirituality, religion, self-help. She read tarot at 12 and by 13 she was using her own funds to attend mind and body workshops where she was the only person under 40.

Although she loved the world, she always felt a little bit alien. But she couldn’t quite figure out where she fit.

After high school, she moved to Winnipeg, and completed a degree in Sociology at the University of Winnipeg. Although her degree was fascinating, it still didn’t tell her where she fit, or give her what she was looking for.

She then found Access Consciousness.

It quenched every thirst she had. It filled her up and gave her the tools she needed to start creating the reality she had been waiting for.

She then met Anthony. Anthony was a doctor of chiropractic in South Carolina, with three incredible kids. His wife had passed away in 2011. Julia fell in love with him very quickly and became a mother to Elijah, Vincent and Aria.

She has studied Access for the past 7 years and treats it like a university degree, diving in deep every day, and running the Access Consciousness Clearing Statement on loops all night long.

Together Julia and Anthony travel the world facilitating Access Consciousness classes while he does Energetic Synthesis of Being sessions in the classroom while she facilitates.

They invite you into the wondrous world that Access Consciousness has to offer.

You can find her Podcast on iTunes at “Access with Julia”.

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“What are the greatest possibilities available?”

- Gary Douglas

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