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Gary Douglas, Dr. Dain Heer and many other Access Consciousness Facilitators make regular appearances in various media outlets around the world. The practical and dynamic tools can assist people worldwide to see greater possibilities and new choices for living in every area imaginable! Explore the latest news here.

Watch the latest broadcast news and interviews! – 'Living Beyond the Fairytale With Relationship Expert Dain Heer' | Dr. Dain Heer on KTLA.

Radio Interviews & Shows

VOICE AMERICA | Nature, The Source of Being – Gary Douglas chats with Tim and Tanya Bothams about biodynamic land management and what nature knows that we refuse to know...

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HEALTH & WELLBEING LIVE RADIO | The Perfection Trap – Interveiw with Dr. Dain Heer. What if the problems we face in our day to day life are far easier to "solve" than we think?

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LA TALK RADIO | Get Yourself The Job – Interview with Gary Douglas. What questions can you ask for greater satisfaction, more ease and happiness in all areas of your life today?


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