Advanced Facilitator

Truly unique classes with Gary Douglas (founder), Dr Dain Heer, or Simone Milasas.

Is JOY in Business Possible?

Can you have JOY in Business?
Would you be willing to create the JOY of Business?

Claiming the Kingdom of Bitch

Claiming the Kingdom of Bitch
Follow your knowing if this class is for you.

No More Fucks to Give

What if the only thing that really matters is what you know – and what creates enthusiasm in you?

We have three days. Are you in?

What Part of the Ecosystem of Business Is Your Business?

What if your success was a contribution to everyone, including you?

Join Simone Milasas & Christopher Hughes for a one-day class exploring the infinite possibilities of your business.

The Creative Edge of Consciousness

Membership to the Creative Edge Of Consciousness Club is easy!

Purchase a 150 USD monthly subscription with your credit card on the website Creative Edge of Consciousness.  

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