Advanced Facilitator

Truly unique classes with Gary Douglas (founder), Dr Dain Heer, or Simone Milasas.

What's Money Got To Do With It?

In this class, Simone Milasas, bestselling author and founder of the modality Joy of Business shares some simple, actionable tools that you can start to use right away to create change and begin to get a different sense of what might be possible with money.

The Choice and Contribution Membership


Every single person choosing something more contributes to all of us.
That’s how it works.
We get to choose, change and take action that creates a different future.
What would you like to choose? What would you like to change? 
Join the monthly membership with Simone Milasas! 

Engaging to Create Future Money

How to develop your future business today!

The Keys to Being Unstoppable

In this short class with Dr. Dain Heer, we'll explore being the force of nature you truly are! What change would you like to choose and create?

This is YOUR adventure of living.

Practical Miraculousness

Miraculousness is the practicality of being able to change anything in your life.
If you stopped trying to explain or figure everything out with your mind, what miracles would be unleashed and what could you change?

Let’s explore the practical and pragmatic ways to actually have and be the miracle you are.

Is now the time to reclaim your miraculousness, unhide it, and have it all?

Getting Out of Debt Joyfully – 10 Weeks to Change Your Point of View with Money

Are you ready to change your entire reality around money?

What point of view do you have around money that, if you changed it, would create a different reality for you?

This program will be a 10-week intensive with Simone.

The Creative Edge of Consciousness

Membership to the Creative Edge Of Consciousness Club is easy!

Purchase a 150 USD monthly subscription with your credit card on the website Creative Edge of Consciousness.  

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