What is a facilitator?


To facilitate means 'render easy' – to restore or bring back... with ease.

A facilitator is licensed to teach Access Consciousness® classes, applying its tools and philosophies. They have completed in-depth training and participate in regular, ongoing training to expand their skills and capacities and, more importantly, to receive new material, tools, processes and awareness. Being a facilitator is a living endeavor, requiring them to be and then be more of the very tools they use with you.

A facilitator can ask you questions, facilitate your awareness, and invite you to choose, change and create something different.The core of any facilitation with Access Consciousness tools is to 
empower you. Access Consciousness restores you to the awareness of greater possibilities and more choice, for you and the creation of your life.

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What is an Access Bars facilitator?

An Access Bars Facilitator (BF) is licensed to teach the Access Bars® Class, the first of the Access Consciousness core classes. Listen as the co-creators of Access Consciousness describe the possibilities and the change the over 10,000 Access Bars Facilitators create when teaching Access Bars in live classes around the world.

What is an Access Body Process™ facilitator?

An Access Body Process Facilitator (BPF) is licensed to offer private body process sessions, host Body Process Gifting & Receivings, and are certified to teach the over 60 individual Body Processes in single 3-4 hour classes.

Listen as Dr. Dain Heer talks about the change Access Body Processes create.

What is an Access Facelift™ Facilitator?

An Access Consciousness Facelift Facilitator (AFF) is licensed to offer private Facelift sessions, host Facelift Gifting & Receivings, and are certified to teach the Access Facelift One-Day Class.

Listen as the co-creators of Access Consciousness describe the Access Facelift.

What is an Access Certified facilitator?

An Access Certified Facilitator is the highest level of certification and is licensed to facilitate Foundation Classes, Access Bars Classes, Access Tasters, Access Bars Gifting & Receiving and classes on various topics.